My nephew is being mistreated and verbally abused by his teacher.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Lothlorien, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Lothlorien

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    My sister has spoken to me numerous times about this problem with this teacher. Today was the last straw. She wants him removed from the classroom and put in a different teacher, but that is next to impossible.

    My nephew is 7 and is the most respectful, well-behaved child who is super conscientious and is very hard on himself. Every teacher he's ever had loved him. He's never had any problems with any other teacher, but this teacher has just overstepped her bounds and really needs to retire. No disrespect to the teachers on here...I have just heard way too many negative about this woman since the beginning of the year and my sister has given her the benefit of the doubt repeatedly, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back today.

    I am not going to get into all the details, because this may just go further than the boe. My question, to any of you who know the system better, is what is the best way to have him removed from this teacher's class. I told her not to send him into the school tomorrow. The principle told her that she could not remove him, but would have a conference with teacher (as per school policy). This is only going to cause her to mistreat him more. This kid has become so stressed out and his whole demeaner is beginning to change, because of her. It's so bad that sis wants to take him out and homeschool him.
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    Does your nephew have any specialists working with him? e.g. therapist or psychiatrist?
    If so, the situation should be presented to THEM, and THEY can make the call to have him stay home "for medical reasons". In which case, sending him to school would be "against medical advice".

    Is there any way to involve a professional advocate?
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    I'm sorry this is happening to him. It really does stink that it does. Mr. Busy has been through this. I documented everything (behaviors, contacts/conversations, etc) and kept moving up the chain of command to get it done. He had an IEP. Eventually it worked and the next year I was able to incorporate into his IEP about having some say into the "type" or at least discussion on the new year of teachers. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't Once he hit middle school, all bets were off and I could no longer do this. What insane said however, is the best way to get covered excused absences if that is your intention, though it's not the best in him missing school. It will also help gain towards homeschooling or home-based schooling.
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    I didn't find out about Travis' situation until the end of the school year. Mention lawyers and lawsuit like you most certainly mean it usually gets their attention in a huge way.

    Oh, wait, have her call your state school board. They'll tell her the EXACT correct procedure to follow to get done what needs to be done and are extremely helpful of informing parents of their rights.
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    Is the teacher just mean? or has she crossed the line to abusive? If she has crossed the line to abusive, maybe your sister can try for a RO. Then the school would have to transfer her because she wouldn't be allowed to be in the classroom with your nephew. (maybe, not a lawyer).
  6. Lothlorien

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    Not physically, but verbally abusive. She calls him out on everything, embarasses him in front of the entire class, denies him priveledges that the rest of the class gets, keeps him from recess regularly and doesn't let him go to the bathroom when he is about to have an accident. He is not a special needs kid. He is the kindest and most gentle little boy, but what she is doing to him is making him very upset and he comes home everyday upset. He won't tell my sis until she drags it out of him. He's a tough little boy and it takes a lot to get to him, so we know this woman is tormenting that bejezers outta him. I told her to tell them they would have to foot the bill for his psychiatrists if they didn't take him out of her class. I honestly don't understand what kind of bug up her butt she has about my nephew, but if this is the way she treats an innocent 7 year old, I'm sure she does the same to others. There have to be other complaints regarding her.
  7. Lothlorien

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    Oh and for all the bullying education that's out there.....this teacher certainly needs an education on how not to bully a 7 year old.
  8. InsaneCdn

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    Just my theory, but... some of this anti-bullying education out there is really easy to turn around and figure out how to really bully and not get caught...
    And yes, some teachers are brutal - but it is rarely just one kid.
    Either it's several in the class... OR the teacher picks on one student in each class and brutalizes that one.
  9. Lothlorien

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    I had one teacher that was horrible. My parents never believed me...always took the side of the teacher. She was an art teacher, in a very small school, so I was stuck with her every year. I used to love art.....I never took art in high school because of her. Shame.

    One of my friends is the principle in that school now. This teacher got so many complaints as years went on that she is still there, because of tenure, but she is not teaching anymore. Can we say VINDICATION???? On the FB site for our old school....there have been more than a few people who have called her out for being such a rotten person to kids. My friend has told me how much she is disliked by most of the staff there, as well.
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    She has to go in to school tomorrow! She haa to speak to the principal and tell him all of this. She must not be too polite or pleasant. The principal will be helpful because he will not want her to make waves.She will threaten to expose this teacher, school, principal,go to the newspaper, a lawyer amd anything else she can throw at tje wall. Seriously, I hate teachers like this,
    The principal will defend even if he is aware of this by the way, he'll help her if he is scared she'll take some action. Sorry, typing on phone recently.