My odd rash type thing

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    I still cant get anyone to look at this doctor or anyone so I took some pictures with the cell phone and am putting them here with a link...Maybe you can see them. Dunno. Nothing personal is If you will notice...on one picture it is my the back of my thigh and the rash is running in a fairly straight line almost looks like a connect the dots line.

    The other is a zoomed in shot of two of the bumps. No not bites!

    What is odd though is that these things tend to "run". If you find one...the start running as if they are moving down either a nerve or a pathway of some sort. And they feel like small balls or marbles.
  2. Hound dog

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    Hmmmm. By "run" do you mean they move freely or that they seem to form in "tracks"?

    The bumps don't look like insect bites to me. I'd imagine they'd be irritated to some degree if they were. Odd thing is that I get bumps that look like the ones in the 2nd picture every so often. I had one on my left thigh close to the knee last week. Didn't itch or anything though.......just a marble size lump that came out of nowhere and did move freely when I palpated it. It's now gone although I didn't do anything to it.........I did not bump my leg ect either so no clue where it came from.

    Is it possible it's a cyst? husband tends to get them right between the shoulder blades and they get awfully large if he doesn't tell me about them. His mom called it a wren. Guessing that's the non medical term of older days. I do know she got them in the same spot. And both husband and mother in law had to go in and have the doctor remove it. Although one I did myself with husband as we had no doctor and it had reached the hurting stage. I used warm soaks to sort of bring it to a head so I could drain it. I know you're not supposed to do that as they are supposed to come back if you do..........but heck when doctor removed it the darn thing came back anyway.

    The upclose picture may or may not be a hive. I say that because mine and Nichole's hives don't look typical. We look like someone beat us, literally, big welts that eventually if not treated turn into blisters. The giveaway is that they itch.

    Bit miffed that docs won't consider an allergic reaction. They know you can have taken something and yet react to it at a later time down the road, it's not like it's rare or something, happens all the time.

    I can't see the 1st picture well enough to tell anything. Not sure if it's the picture or my eyesight. lol But if the blister gave you clear liquid odds are it was a hive of some sort. My opinion at least.

    I can't judge as far as shingles because I've only seen a few upclose........and none I saw produced blisters it was more of a raw rash. But the tendency to run the course of nerves made me wonder about that.

    I hope you can get it figured out soon as I know it has to be driving you crazy.

  3. HaoZi

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    Not the greatest pics, it's not your eyesight. My first thought was bedbugs, they bite in clusters. So do fleas for that matter, and with the oddly cold weather you've been having I wouldn't think it improbable that some insects have moved indoors. But I wouldn't rule out anything else, either.
  4. DDD

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    I'd say for sure that shingles isn't the problem. It looks like an allergic reaction or bites to me. I thought you went to the MD
    Thursday or Friday so he could see them. Did he have any opinions? DDD
  5. DammitJanet

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    doctor wiped a swab over it. said he would call. sigh.
  6. susiestar

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    doctor didn't try to see if he could get liquid out of it to culture, just ran a swab over it? Probably won't find much but it will take a week or 2.

    This is a strange thought. If they move freely and move away in a line, could they be in a blood vessel moving around? Or on a ligament or tendon? I haven't had this, but I have had my tendons and ligaments do odd things. I had one in my arm that went from my wrist to my elbow stand up like a pencil. idiot vampire from the lab in the hospital (I was in the hospital for tests while I had this - it came at about age 13 and stayed to age 20 and hurt like heck but no one knew why or what other than a tendon or ligament that was angry. Not sure how I pizzed it off, but I did it good!) tried to draw blood from it. I told her it was NOT a blood vessel but she stuck that needle in and then moved it around - it made a grinding sound in there. I was only 15 then but I tossed her out of the room and wouldn't let her back in the rest of the week I was there. I even filed a complaint against her with-o asking anyone if it was okay. Just called the head administrator's office - they shouldn't have put his phone number in the info packet if they didn't want me to call him. (I was a brat as a teen but I stood up for myself.)

    I have also had what look like lumps and hurt like something is poking a nerve in various parts of my body. My rheumy calls them "nodules" and says they are part of arthritis and nothing really helps but treating the arthritis with dmards. I do find that cutting a lidocaine patch into a piece a bit bigger than the nodule and holding it on there for a couple of hours helps. Patches are called lidoderm if your insurance will cover them.
  7. DammitJanet

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    Tony has looked at these very well and says they are definitely not bed bug bites because he has seen them before. I went and read up on them and have put some sticky pads around the edges of my mattress just in case so we can catch any if it is any type of bug but he says he really doesnt think they are.

    I did read that the bite can take as long as 9 days to show up from the initial bite and that would put me back to when I was in VA which was about when they started showing up. I told Tony, it would have been possible that we went to that motel, maybe I picked up some there, brought them back in my clothes. But that wouldnt quite make sense since that was the 7th of December. Now if Billie's brother had them in his bed when I slept in there at Xmas...then that would be more likely with the Xmas timing. However, I would think that Tony would be getting bit too because we sleep in the same bed using the same pillows, blankets and sheets.

    One other possibility I have thought of...I have just started using those Tide drop in things to get your clothes extra clean. I used to use oxyclean to remove stains. I am going to stop those Tide things and go back to oxyclean if my close has stains. Keyana developed a rash ...normal all over allergic type rash...starting Tuesday of this past week and I know some of her clothes had been washed in those Tide things.
  8. HaoZi

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    All-over rash detergent changes is one of the first things I look for. I use those sheets that are detergent, softener, and anti-static that you toss in the washer and transfer to the dryer with the clothes. Also we have a cat, and you said she was modeling the clothes this weekend, so it could be an allergy to something I used to wash those.
  9. busywend

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    Janet, is there pain in the area? Could it be shingles?
  10. DammitJanet

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    H...this rash came on during LAST week so it was there before she got here to try on your clothes. I think it was either the Tide things or her other grandma got some Zest soap and let her wash with that for the first time ever. Normally she uses either Dove or baby wash.

    No pain exactly...irritating and itchy.
  11. Hound dog

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    I would go back to whatever you normally use for at least a week to see if the rash leaves. That will be your answer. Then you can reintroduce new products slowly (1 at a time) give it a few days and see if the rash comes back.

    I had welts develop on the palms of my hands when the kids were little and couldn't for the life of me figure out where they came from. This was during the summer months, our apartment complex had a pool. Then it rained for a week or more. Welts vanished. Nice sunny day I lather up the kids in some sun screen........... Welts returned. The kids learned to put on their own sunscreen or they did without after that. lol

    Nichole had no issue with sunscreen until suddenly when she went to lather Aubrey up a couple of years ago it did the same thing to her. easy child has also developed an allergy to it. Go figure.