My poor difficult child sister...

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    I am very proud of my baby sister. She has two kids as a single mom, she has worked hard to get off assistance and has a good job. Her oldest has no paternal involvement, youngest has too much..kidding...too much stress for sister, not too much for niece-he IS a good dad, not a good friend to my sister.

    So background: Sister was young when my parents divorced, I was out of the house already. So her upbringing was very different though my parents never fought and do not put kids in the middle, we learned from that and follow suit with our kids now. She has extreme anxiety and depression....I wonder about Borderline (BPD), my other sister has mild Borderline (BPD) and is treated well for it. She is also diagnosed with adult adhd. She always wants a boyfriend, and I am a stick in the mud but I hate that she allows guys to stay over at her house. she has an 11 yr old and an 8 yr old so I just think she is setting a bad example.

    Anyway, she got pregnant. Her work is already upset she has been sick and had kids sick and missed too much work. They actually went out of their way when she was in a huge depression/anxiety phase and they arranged for her to work at home. They told her she couldn't miss more work. She decided not to keep the baby. Went yesterday for the procedure and God had already decided...the baby never grew, that's why she thought she had her period throughout, it was leaving her body. She was so upset about the whole thing because she wants more kids but only with a committed long term, married to her partner relationship. She didn't want her other kids to suffer. Both she and boyfriend cried rivers. I pray she recovers well and she does not lose her job. Poor girl. She is switching birth control...she is VERY good about all her medications so she was shocked.

    Why do people who are struggling get hit with more and more and more. (I know, she takes the risk but still, I just love her and want her to be ok)