My prayers going out to the families in Fargo

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  1. totoro

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    and any others being affected by the floods... People are having to flee their homes after struggling to save them for weeks.
    This has been such a heartbreaking thing to watch.

    They are expecting the Crest of the Red River on Saturday.
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    Looks like a fight against nature..... sand bags freezing and not holding the water back..... and bet few had flood insurance...... thinking of those cold, wet people and sending warm thoughts........
  3. Hound dog

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    Saying prayers and sending warm dry thoughts.
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    Adding in my prayers.
  5. Andy

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    Some hospitals have evacuated including the network hospitals that my son and I would use if there were a need. Diva states she has heard the little babies who are sick in the hospitals have been scattered around the country to any place that had an opening and will not be returning home until they are well. I suppose transporting is very hard on them so bringing them home before they are well would be a danger?

    Nursing homes have also been evacuated to other cities.

    Another hospital and clinic network is on higher grounds and is helping the medical network that had to close. Most employees have personal needs of saving their own homes in this flood so having enough employees to cover services is difficult.

    The Moorhead, MN mall on the weather station is just across the river and down the road a little from difficult child's therapist and psychiatrist building which is a block up the river from the psychiatric hospital he stayed at. difficult child has his 1st psychiatrist appointment on Wed after being cancelled earlier this week due to the flooding. I will not be surprised if it gets postponed again.

    Our eye doctor told us today that a bus of people from our town was set up to go help bag but was cancelled because it could not get into the cities to help.

    Snow coming in on Monday and Tuesday will just add trouble.

    Some mandatory evacuations and lots of encouraged evacuations. I just hope that everyone that needs to evacuate has taken this very seriously and gotten out - they certainly have had time.

    I have heard there is a place taking in animals if families need a shelter for this. Many businesses are open to provide flood prevention/clean up materials otherwise I believe the town is pretty much shut down.

    Fargo/Moorhead that takes about 10 minutes to drive through on a normal day, took our church's secretary's husband two hours to get through the other day.

    My prayers are added - we will see what tomorrow brings - however, this cold weather we just received may slow things down a bit.
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    All schools are closed for next week. There was a message on t.v. that the medical facility that difficult child has his upcoming psychiatrist appointment in will be closed through Wed. so I will have to call and reschedule. Hopefully someone will be answering phones on Monday.

    Many many many people who are being STRONGLY encouraged to evacuate are refusing to! I hope they change their minds and get out before it is too late. I can understand them wanting to work on protecting their homes but they do then need to leave.

    The cresting time has been delayed until Sunday so that will give people more time to prepare their homes and leave. I don't think it is fair to anyone if people stay in their homes and have a massive rescue going on that could have been prevented.

    There is one high rise in one of the towns that 60% of the residences are in wheelchairs. They are not in danger at this point but I hope there are plans in place when if they are affected.

    I think Fargo/Moorhead is doing a great job in preparing! There are plans in place to close the East Bound lanes of I-94 heading into Fargo so that a mass of people can evacuate West if needed. It was closed for awhile but not enough were leaving to justify it so they opened it back up.
  7. Andy

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    2001 flooding 36.7 feet. The flood this weekend is predited to go 5.3 ft higher to reach 42 ft.

    Moorhead, MN is to the left (looks like they do not have as much protection) and Fargo ND is on the right of river in this picture.

    The white building in the bottom center of the screen is where difficult child has therapist and psychiatrist appts.

    This picture is facing South. The brown building down the road is the psychiatric hospital difficult child was at Oct 2007.

    Between the tree line and the dike on the right bank was where we would go on passes to toss the football and walk. There is a good sized parking lot that is underwater in this picture.

    The permanent dikes on the Fargo side have become a sledding hill for kids in the winter. At the north end of psychiatric hospital parking lot (half way between therapist and psychiatric hospital), the little gray area is now a skate board park (I can't tell in this picture if it was one at that time).

    At the top of the picture is the freeway that I usually take over the river. If I have more time, I will sometimes come in on Main street which would be one block to the north of the therapist building. The freeway I-94 and Main street bridge (just out of site on the bottom of the page) are the two major bridges that you will hear about in the news.