My prayers going out to:


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Everyone touched by all the tragedies going on across the country the last 24 hours.

I was en route in midst of a thunderstorm-snowstorm from military base commissary to PCs HS yesterday when first word hit media that a tornado hit a HS in ALabama. It made me want to hurry faster in the horrid weather I was in to get to her and get her in my line of vision, in my arms, - it reminded me of the day of 9-11 when my oldest difficult child was on an out of state sleep over field trip with school and I was on my first day of clinical training in nursing school 2 hours from home. ALl I wanted that day was to have my loved ones with me. Thats what crossed my mind yesterday.
I picked her up, and I was happpy. Had ALL my loved ones home and safe.
Then just as I woke to get easy child to school today, I heard the first news of the bus of Ohio college baseball team kids going off an overpass in GA. More tragedy, more tears from me for all the people affected and touched.
ANd then I saw that Americus Georgia had a hospital hit by tornado.
Tomorrow I put easy child on a bus to a chorus competition for school. I guess life goes on.
I dropped her off today at school, came home amidst such strong winds, and huge mounds of drifted snow to find my precious yard swing in peices in front yard. I doubt we can save to replace it, heck, I still have not been able to save enough yet to replace my sons safety glasses that disappeared when he got called to office a week after he got them and his science teacher took them. Don't dare turn it in to insurance due to having had so many pervious claims that were so costly related to vandalism. Silly, but the yard swing had become a place to rest for me and reconnect with the kids every day, yes even in winter, even when we have to clear the snow off. It was a mothers day gift to me a few years ago. Minor loss considering everyone elses, but it makes me sad, anyway.
ANd then I came in and heard, I think there was an earthquake in San Francisco?

Mother Nature sure has been busy the last couple years. Aw heck, maybe I just never realized it all the years I was working 2 jobs and then was so sick and bedridden?

My heart goes out to everyone who is having to cope with all this tragedy.
Keep your loved ones close. AT the moment I am more glad than ever to have my lil guy home and my oldest difficult least I know where they are and how they are. I sure wish my oven worked, LOL- I would make a huge pan of brownies for them and ALL their friends and a huge pot of our most special recipe of cocoa (uses sweetened condensed milk and real chocolate) and decorate the brownies with all my love.
I will treasure and cherish all their noise and chaos today.