my refrigerator leaks water on the inside - ??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Nov 15, 2009.

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    The refrigerator compartment of my fridge is keeping food fresh and the food in the frreezer is staiyng frozen, but water is leaking inside the fridge - ending up inside, on the bottom of the fridge. This does not appear to be a temperature regulation problem.

    Every couple of weeks water is pooling underneath the veggie crisper drawers. We can only see where the water is ending up, not where it's coming from.

    Any idea on what could be causing a problem like this? My refrigerator is an electric self defrost model and is about 8 years old.
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    ex husband is an appliance repair tech and I will ask him when he drops off manster tonight.
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    :) Thanks - knowing what I might be looking at would be helpful.
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    How old is your frig? And does it make ice cubes or have a water/ice dispenser in the door?.... just thinking there may be some tubing that has sprung a leak...... can you see any water dripping on the walls of the frig? Just some things to consider.......
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    It's probably a blocked evaporator line, or a blocked drainage line. You can do searches on youtube that will give video step by steps on how to diagnose and fix these problems. Good luck!
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    The refrigerator is about 8 years old. It has an ice maker that was never connected, so pulling the fridge away from the wall revealed that the line going down the back ,from top to bottom, is clear of any clogs.

    Looking in top freezer section there is something that looks like a vented air tower, leading from the freezer to the top of the refrigerated section in the back; that's where the water seems to drip from, necessitating a bottom of the fridge sop up every couple of weeks.

    We moved any frozen food that was piled up around the tower, giving the vents a little more breathing room. Hopefully, that was the problem - this is not the time to be talking about repairs/replacements.