:( My S/O is a magnet for psychotics wanting to hurt him :(

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    Most of you know the story from this past summer about my drug addicted, alcoholic, schiztophrenic neighbor (former neighbor now) who brutally attacked my S/O to unconciousness, could have made him lose his eye, etc.

    Well we finally put all THAT mess behind us. It seems S/O is a MAGNET or something.

    S/O is back in school studying avionics. He has a class where he has weekly labs. They were assigned lab partners. Rules state 2 people max to the lab (partners) and if your partner is away, you work alone.

    So theres another student whose been apparently acting strangely since the year began. His partner was missing for labs yesterday. S/O and his partner just started to work. THey had alot to do, labs are due each Friday so last chance to get their weekly assignment ready for today. So this other guy shows up at their lab station. Makes a nuisance of himself, frustrating S/O and his partner as they are both very serious students who are hyper focused on completion. Anyhow, they try and try to get rid of this guy, he would not leave. So S/O leaves for a bit of fresh air. Returns and this guy is in his seat. S/O asks him repeatedly to get out of his seat so he can work. The guy is evil eyeing him and people began noticing in the labs. I guess this guy was looking a bit crazed? Anyhow, finally S/O swore at him to the BEEP out of his chair. By this point, this guy was really freaking out everyone and S/O was shaking with his hands balled up in frustration (not fighting stance, you know what i mean i'm sure, just pure ARGGGHHH frustration).

    So my S/O tells him one last time, loudly, to get the BEEP out of his seat. The guy stands up slowly and moves aside. S/O ignores him, sits and begins to work. This guy sidles up to the lab stand and starts nudging S/O and alternatly his lab partner, each time they were about to run a electrical charge test through some transformer thingee they are building. Dangerous and known by all that it is so. Finally S/O and his partner packed it in, there was no getting rid of the guy and the look in this mans face was seriously bugging out all the students including my S/O.

    S/O goes outside to smoke before his next class. This guy walks up, mumbling to himself, gets close to S/O and starts chanting I need to kill someone, i need to kill someone, I need to kill God, I need to kill God. Over and over again. My S/O left immediatly and went to the teacher who was holding the next class, a guy that is seriously invested in ensuring S/O excells, he has a soft spot for achievers or something. Anyhow. He tells him what happened and that he and fellow students are seriously bugging out about this guy and what he's capable of. Teachers is shocked. Asks does he do drugs? Umm, how should anyone there now?? S/O stated the concensus is that students see him as very mentally ill. And that this guy should NOT be in the campus at all. Nobody feels safe with this guy here. A few students made comments about how its people like this that do school shooting rampages. Teacher thanked him for the info but said nothing more. So no clue whats going to happen.

    Needless to say, when S/O told me this I was about to have a stroke. We've been through this. For months. Under seize with my children in my own home. Watching S/O heal so slowly, eye full of blood, hard time eating food, face like hamburger meat from a person unstable like this.

    I've asked S/O that if this student appears in class today to please leave class and go to the Dean and tell the Dean that he is formally requesting intervention from administration. Anybody mumbling insanely about needing to kill people and God should NOT be on a campus. Period. I told him to specify that his name is NOT to come up in any way at all regarding this. Been there done that! We dont' need to draw attention to S/O with this guy. I don't care if this guy is a drug addict, mentally ill, whatever. He obviously needs help. But we can't heal the world. S/O and the entire campus deserve a safe environment.

    I am on pins and needles today. I can't imagine how this must be getting to S/O given his experience earlier this year. He also doesnt need a confrontation with this guy given that this schooling is a portion of his military training. Derailing a career just as it is starting is NOT going to happen. :( :( :(
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    If the teacher hasn't reported it I believe that HE could be put on administrative leave. This should have solved the problem and leave your S/O out of it except for maybe having to go before the Dean and report to him via the teacher what he witnessed AND take a witness along for verification.

    Sadly dear I don't think that will be the end of it but I would ALSO urge you to at least make a report with the local police. The fact that this has happened to your family 2x in one year is MORE than coincidental and remember (not like I told you so) when I told you that schizophrenics are vindictive and extremely smart? This may just be a friend of you- know- who. Just food for thought. I really would urge S/O to just make a report with local authorities just to keep a watch on it.

    I really hope I'm wrong, but the guy I told you about in my life took YEARS to rid myself of. I'm still not 100% he's gone - and it's been 12 years...so just be careful. Given a chance I have no doubts he'd be vindictive.
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    Hi Star. I'm not in any way worried about a connection. S/O's campus is well known internationally. its a VERY small school as well. Over 50% of students come from overseas, mostly the middle east. The man in this situation is actually a late teen, perhaps 20 years old and newly arrived here to study in this program, from India. I'm not worried about an association.

    He was not present in class today. Could be simply him missing class, as he's not a very dedicated student and misses frequently. However could be that somethign has been done about him. We'll know next week.

    I am glad S/O didn't have to deal with this today. Hopefully next week we'll learn the person is getting some help, at least removed from studying. He is failing anyhow and would only be allowed on until he runs through his current courses in December. Then he will be refused 2nd semester due to failing grades. But I don't want to see his person roaming campus for another 5-6 weeks!
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    It's just so scary knowing what has been going on this past few weeks. Am I right that it is at least somewhat more difficult to buy guns up there?
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    It is much more difficult to get hand guns here. We are a society of major hunters though. So getting rifles etc is not unattainable. But people here on visas to work/study etc would not get a license. I can't imagine in my smaller town one could find a illegal gun very easily. Nor can I imagine a person new to the country and our town getting easy hands on a weapon like that. I'm glad of this, trust me. You hear so many people going and shooting places up. With this man, I just want him removed from campus and some psychiatric intervention. Sounds like he's failing classes anyhow. He'd only be here on a school visa. Flunking from school means revoked visa and a plane home. Quicker if he's removed from school for mental health reasons.
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    Wierd. I agree with making sure it's reported- like Witz said, there are just too many bad things going on lately.