My son addicted to triple ccc's

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by tab, Apr 25, 2015.

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    my 24 year old son has been home from rehab 2 months and started using again. We had agreed no drugs as a condition to coming home. My partner insisting we kick him out immediately and I know I will have to for our relationship. Even lthough she rides him hard and a part of me believes that is contributing to the problem. I am reaching out on this Forum for advice. I have no one to talk to about it and my heart is breaking
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    So sorry to hear you are going through this. I think if you have access to alanon I would recommend it. There are other people on this board who can give better advice.

    My son wants to come home in August from halfway. I think about how we will handle it if he relapses and there aren't any easy answers. I see some changes in my son but I don't think the counseling he had in rehab he had was long enough to really to change him. It is hearbreaking to think about what the end result will be if our children don't change. There are no easy answers.
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    tab, I am so sorry you have to go through this. I am wondering...what are triple c's?

    Addiction can take a long time to get under control, but you never know if the lightbulb will go off and your adult child will suddenly get tired of playing the drug game. My daughter quit. Your son can quit too. And he will when and if he wants to.

    In the meantime, what are you doing to take care of yourself? Are you eating/sleeping/working out/seeing friends? Are you maybe going to Al-Anon to meet others who are in the same situation and to learn coping skills? In the end, we are useless to everybody, including ourselves, if we don't take care of ourselves first. We can not change our adult children, but we can change how we react to their problems. We can learn how to live life in spite of t heir challenges...welcome to our forum.
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    Triple Cs are Coricidin Cough and Cold. They are a combination cold tablet sold over the counter.

    They've been around for years and years and have been popular as a drug of abuse because taken in massive doses they cause the user to hallucinate. I had no idea they were addictive, though.
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    Thanks for the encouraging words. I am trying to remember it is what he chooses and not what I may or may not have done or said, provided not provided etc

    He started doing triple c's in the Navy which got him discharged, of course after a short rehab there... continued when he went home which had major hand in ending his marriage moved out here to cali to start fresh but was well into 1 to 2 boxes yes boxes every few days... I had no idea.... put him in rehab 60days and now 2 months later he's started again. Our deal was no drugs or he was out but is that really the best thing I should do for him? I know he'll lose his job that has, had all I'd 3 weeks( yes helped him get that too) he has no friends out here and I don't know where he would go beside on the streets which is horrifying to me.. how do I know what the right thing to do?
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    tab, I am so sorry you are going through this. I dont know if triple C's is physically addictive like alcohol, or the opiates. I am guessing your son is similar to mine in that he will use whatever is at hand to get high. Since the cough medicines are OTC they are easy to get. My son has told himself in the past he is not an addict because he is not hooked on heroin or something like that.... but he will use anything including the cough syrups, and he has also huffed the small whip cream cans. To be that is an addict. I dont know if anyone can tell you what to do.... I think part of the process is to get clarity with yourself about what the right thing to do. That can be difficult. I do recommend that both you and your partner go to alanon.... that has been a huge huge help to me.

    I know kicking them out is really hard and it is very scary to have them homeless. I have both kicked my son out (at which point he went to friends) and have let him be homeless. Him being homeless was very hard on me and I admit I am doing what I can to avoid that again..... but sometimes it is the only thing you can do. It certainly is a wake up call for them. When my son was homeless we always told him we would help him get treatment and he did that several times. So once they realize they really are on the street, and they live on the street, that wills sometimes propel them to get help.
    But of course there is no guarantee and it is scary to have them on the streets. I will say that at least with my son he showed us he is a survivor and he found ways to survive... and in many places there are lots of services for the homeless.

    It sounds like you are your partner are not on the same page... and it is important you talk to each other and find ways to deal with this together. I am guessing from your post that he is your son and not her son? That makes it harder. But you need her support as you go through this.... and it is definitely not worth letting your son hurt your relationship.

    Unfortunately there is no one right answer..... I think ultimately you have to find the best path for you. I will say your partner being harsh on him is probably not the reason he is using. He is 24, an adult and he is making his own path at this point. I dont think there is any rhyme or reason why some kids become addicts and some dont. As they say in alanon, you didnt cause it, you cant cure it and you cant control it.

  7. Nancy

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    Is he in an aftercare program?
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    These situations are extremely difficult, because we can't make their choices for them. I can only imgaine how much more difficult it is when they're adults. I'm in a similar situation with my son, in that he is an addict, although he's currently in treatment. The only advice I could give here, I guess, is to maintain your sanity. Create times and opportunities to focus on yourself. Otherwise you'll drown.
    I hope your son will have his wake up and decide to change his life. Take care.
  9. comatheart

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    My son is addicted to them as well. I think DXM (the drug in Triple C's that mskes them high) is probably his doctor at this point.

    If I've learned anything in this hourney, it's that there isnt a right or wrong way. You do what you're comfortable with doing.

    A year ago i could never imagine driving my son to the homeless shelter. Never! But 3 (more) rehab stays, 2 OD's later and he STILL chooses to get high in my home and so thats exactly what happened. Hardest thing I've ever had to do. At some point, you have to step back and let go. But only you can determine when that is.

    If you dont attend alanon, it's highly highly recommended. It will help you in this journey.
  10. comatheart

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    *D O C, not doctor...Geez sorry for all the typos!
  11. GoingNorth

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    The last time I had the coughing crud and went to buy OTC cough medicine at Walgreen's, I got carded. I don't know if this is state law, county law, city law, or just store policy, and I don't know if there's a limit on how much one can buy at one time.
  12. comatheart

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    My son would just steal them. I'm glad many places are carding for some OTC medications now, but it's not enough. They need to be behind the counter. :-(
  13. susiestar

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    So far there are no limits on how much you can purchase of medications with dextromethorphan (the ingredient that causes the high), largely because there is no way to track it set up. I think the age limit may be a law or may be a store policy - here I think it is store policy at the urging of the lawyers. Why? Stores don't want to be sued for a child OD'ing after buying it at their store. Of course this leads to kids just stealing it, at least here. I have a feeling that it will go the way of sudafed before too many more years, though it may not be as restrictive.

    I am sorry about your son. I think since you said you would make him leave if he relapsed, then you must follow through. Not following through is going to shoot down any other agreements that he makes with you. He will know that you won't follow through so why should he keep h is end of the agreement? It is hard, but following through on what you say you will do is incredibly important, esp when the drugs make it so that the addicts lie easier than they breathe.

    I agree that alanon would be a great place to go also. They can really help too.
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    It is so nice to.know I am not alone in this awful journey thank you all. Everyone is so right on... I can not continue to enable him. It's time for him to be accountable for his choices.

    At least my partner and i are on the same page now..

    tofay is the day he is being told to pack his things and move out

    Trying to keep it together-
  15. tab

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    Wish there was more regulation around the ccc. It's too cheap and too available
    Seriously Walmart has it out on the shelf for under $2 a box!
  16. PatriotsGirl

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    Stay strong - we have all been there. One thing I am learning from my daughter's rehab is that loving them means calling them out on their old behavior! If he has relapsed, he needs further help to pick himself back up...
  17. GoingNorth

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    Susie is right on this. I was in my Walgreen's today to pick up some antihistamine/decongestants from behind the counter (federal law) and asked the pharmacy tech about the DXM.

    It isn't even company policy. It is local store policy, and it is local store policy because several years ago a teenager OD'ed on DXM and his parents sued the store.

    As part of the store-level settlement. the store agreed to card purchasers who appeared to be under the age of 40.

    Same deal with our local office supply store which cards for purchases of "canned air". It's company policy in that case, but not law.
  18. tab

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    Sent my son out on the streets last night. He sent a few texts very late saying he learned his lesson but none saying he was done with the pills. Feeling awful and pray his ok
  19. Childofmine

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    Tab I am sorry. I know how hard it is to set this kind of boundary because I did it too. Hang in there and get lots of support for yourself. Please consider going to alanon if you aren't already. If you have started going, go to more meetings right now. Alanon is basically free group therapy with people who have been right where you are. Keep posting here. We care.
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    How long does it take until I stop staring at the phone?