My son got a job

Tanya M

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My son posted on Facebook that he got the job of his dreams and he's happier than he has ever been.
He's in northern Calif and he also posted some pictures of at least a dozen raised garden beds that he helped build. He also posted pictures of the plants that he will be growing, nice big POT plants.
Yes, my son is now a pot farmer! :eek::cautious::mad:


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Well, Tanya, it's a legal job. And it doesn't require any particular education or abilities.

I suspect it will be a go to job for many potheads. Soon maybe the field will become overcrowded (pun intended).

I guess...congratulations?


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Lil instead of helping your son get an apartment, why not buy him a ticket to California where he can be gainfully employed?

Sorry. The idea of a bunch of pot lovers running to states were it is legal, like the gold rush, is making me giggle. Yet I can see it actually happening. And it's money.


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Well, like others have said, it's legal and .... it's a job. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. Maybe we don't get it, but clearly he does. Progress not perfection!

I'm glad he has some pride in himself.

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Hi Tanya. Wow-I agree with everybody..the gold rush image is priceless. I would be thrilled with any effort by my son. Even though this may not be what you envisioned it is legal work, "do what you love, love what you do" has a new meaning. Prayers.

Tanya M

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You guys crack me up! The image of the Gold Rush, too funny!!
Yes, being a pot farmer is not MY idea of gainful employment but if it works for my son, then I will be happy for him.
This is what detaching from our difficult children allows us to do. To truly separate ourselves from the lives our d-c's choose to live, to accept them right where they are and to not get sucked back into their drama or chaos.

Love you guys!!!


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..the gold rush image

Thar's weed in them thar hills!

*Just photoshop in a pot leaf.
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That would be my son's dream job too!

I was in the city with my husband a few weeks ago and a lady on the elevator said that she lives in Colorado and that home prices have gone way up due to the legalization of marijuana! I find that amazing.


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Tanya, I live in Northern California........around here, your son's new employment is just another ole job, and a good one at that! He'll be a busy boy!