my son got his period?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Sep 29, 2011.

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    warning: this may be considered too much info for some. It is real life here though...

    difficult child came and told me he had some blood on the t.p. and wanted to know what I thought. I asked the typical mama questions...did you have a hard b.m. etc. He said its probably like when it happens to me sometimes. (I get NO privacy) I again explained that only happened to girls and he said I was lying (as I always am it seems).....He then explained that he knew I was lying because it is MENstruation. So that proves is for MEN.

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    Ohhh, that is sooo cute! He is going to die when you repeat that to him in 10 yrs.

    So typical, that sort of insistence on one "fact."

    My son tried to convince me once that potatoes were wheat. It goes on from there.

    So, I assume it's nothing serious?
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    Well, as for the blood, no, not serious and actually we had a doctor appointment by coincidence and he is fine but it could become serious if he has terrible PMS!
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    You're a riot!

    On a serious note, the best way to stop these inane arguments is to tell him to "Google it" My girls still do this too me. Mostly the 8 y/o (but she's 8 so it's still in 'normal' land). I catch myself arguing with her, and then just go to the computer and look it up - whatever it is.
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    Keista, I like that idea. I actually only give him bare minimum on the facts of life (and many sensitive topics) because with his brain injury he is unable to stop perseverating and has no filter. Not sure if I want him googling anything beyond NASCAR and his other high interests...haha But I will certainly consider that when it is not a topic of a sensitive nature. I really think it would be good for him.
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    Maybe you could google it. Find a site where the amount of info was appropriate and then let him read it.
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    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you for sharing this, it's great to start the day with a smile!
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    OMG! Every time I think I have heard "everything".......a difficult child tops it! LOL DDD
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    OMG I can barely type I am laughing so hard!!!!!!
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    I admit I have to laugh too, but not in front of him because he gets so angry if I even smile at things sometimes (just doesn't read feelings and expression well at all). He is soooo literal as many kids are but some of the things are funny and I dont really have a place to share that because in other communities it could be taken a whole different way. But I thought you all would understand.

    Example: I bought face wash for myself. He looked in the bag while I was upstairs and ran up ...."Thank you mommy, thank you so much" (he loves soap and good smelly things). I asked for what and he showed me. I explained he didn't need that yet and what it was for. He said, "no, it says right here for BLACK heads!" --oh I should mention he is Hispanic/AfricanAmerican/Italian to most people he looks AA and I encourage whatever he wants to identify himself as---so very handsome.--

    Thanks for joining me in the chuckle. I dont get a bunch of them but really try to hold on to them among the many tears.
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    Buddy -

    I suggest you start a separate journal of these funny moments.
    Your sense of humor is amazing, and you could even have a book in the making!
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    funny, that is what my mom always says. Really since he was 4 she has said that, well, now that I am home maybe that is an idea....
  15. TerryJ2

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    it could become serious if he has terrible PMS!

    ROFL!!! Yes, it could!
  16. TerryJ2

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    He said, "no, it says right here for BLACK heads!" --oh I should mention he is Hispanic/AfricanAmerican/Italian to most people he looks AA

    OMG, THAT's good! I love it! Yes, do write those down. I've got some great ones from when my kids were little, but as they grow older, there aren't as many cute sayings any more.
    This summer, my 20-yr-old easy child was in a snotty mood and said, "Did you see the neighbor's boat in the driveway? And how he misspelled Serenity?"
    LOL! "Honey, it's a play on words: Sea-renity. The sea. Ocean."
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    That is hilarious. It might make a good story for a toast at his wedding someday :rofl:
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    TerryJ2 that is really good. It is so funny when they are so sure about something.

    cubsgirl-- THAT is funny! Well, maybe more scary.....hmmmm ... difficult child married? Oh heaven help us. That is so off my radar...Can't even imagine his living independently at this point. No one can. He is only 14 so plenty of time for more growth but his brain injury is so severe he is likely to need support in work and living too. But there is always a chance for everyone I guess, smile. It would be lovely if he could calm down and become responsible enough for that some day, a true miracle. I will save the story for some special occasion for sure! (not sure he will ever think anything I say is funny unless it is about farts or something gross like that, tee hee)