My son has Adhd, hypersensitivity disorder, anxiety and possible ODD

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    Hi all.
    I'm new so I don't know if I'm in the right place but here goes.
    My son is seven, ever since he could move in my stomach he was over active, we have tried all the normal drugs for Adhd and have had to settle for dexamphetamine.
    Recently he has become dangerous to himself and us, he gets so angry, he said when he's angry he hears voices, he has no remorse for any of his actions, I'm at my wits end, is there any way that I can get him hospitalized so they can monitor and see what's really wrong with him?
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    I don't know what to tell you other than my thoughts are with you. Where you can take him will depend on your location and if you can wait to get in to an appointment with someone or need him seen quicker than that. Depending on where you are you may be able to have him Baker acted like having an adult committed. You could also, depending on location, be able to go thru a pediatric hospital ER and have him admitted and placed on a psychiatric hold so they can watch him and hopefully help find a diagnosis or at least begin to get some treatment and follow up with a psychiatric doctor.

    Here are things that cross my mind reading your post. How was he diagnosed ADHD? Was it by a psychiatrist, neuropsychologist evaluation or based on observation by a different type doctor. Some diagnosis' can present to a general observer as ADHD but in reality are much more complex and not ADHD at all or could be in conjunction with ADHD . Some ADHD medications can cause aggression and things to be worse. For my daughter non stimulant medications caused her anger to escalate, but certain stimulant medications caused her to have vocal and motor tics. My daughter had one medication cause her to develop trichotillamania (pulling out her hair).
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    He was diagnosed by a peodiatrition, he has terrible ticks including picking his fingers and his arms, also he has facial ticks and vocal ticks.
    In all honesty the dexamphetamine is just something we had to settle with.
    It is the one that gives him the least side effects.
    I'm going to call his pediatrician tomorrow and tell her it's urgent and go from there.
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    Start a journal - record the things that happen on a daily basis, including the ordinary things - like what time he gets up, goes to bed, eats, other events like a class trip. After a while, patterns show up which can be very useful.

    You might also want to start a parent report. There is a sample on this forum, I just haven't had to find it lately. Professionals respond better to written documentation than to your verbal input.

    ODD is generally not a specific diagnosis. It describes behaviors. I've seen it used to buy time (and sanity) by being a place-holder for a diagnosis that hasn't been determined yet.

    ADHD is a stand-alone diagnosis. However, it is also co-morbid with and/or part of other diagnoses as well.

    We have found that the best diagnosis comes from a comprehensive evaluation - the kind that takes 6-10 hours over a number of days. Sometimes it is done by one person, such as a PhD Psychiatrist with a specialty in evaluations, or in the US by a neuropsychologist. Also effective is the team approach, more often found in children's or teaching hospitals. Referral is usually required, at least where I live.
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    Ok I will try all of what you have said.
    Thank you so much for your help, was feeling very alone there for a while