my son I tell ya

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    He's had a cold for a few days and I've been giving him his medicine well he wanted scram eggs this morn so I fixed him two and I made him some decaf tea w honey (he LoVeS!) and he sat down and ate. Brought me his plate and wanted more..well his appetite has been so so so I jumped to give him more. I fixed two more eggs..he ate then wanted more! My Ethie ate 6 scram eggs and a full cup of honey tea. Where is he now? Snoring cross legged on me and now drooling... What is so bad? I have to PEE and this mama dunno how much longer I can hold it!! EeeeeK thought y'all needed a giggle =}
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    Have to do that thing where you move vvveeeerrrryyyy slowly, lift them up lay them down slide your arms out and hope they dont wake thing....

    Yes, I do remember those days.
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    Well daddy came home and he hopped up to go hang with him so I was able to move. =P