My son lost his job today

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He was really trying. Got his medications straightened out. Showed up every day, on time. I know, because he gives me his pay stubs. Made lists. Got accommodations.

He had a minor fender bender in the parking lot, which the other party decided no damage was done. Other party reported it to his mother, who reported it to the principal of the school which employs my son. My husband thinks this incident did my son in.

And, we went to two funerals today. One was my husband‘s cousin, age 71. The other was my nephew, age 36, who overdosed.

Just a terrible day.


I am so's difficult when they are trying and then have a set back...

Hoping something better is in his future.

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Thank you.

his therapist dropped him last month. So no therapist yet when he really needs the support.

it just never ends.


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My nephew has autism. When he wants a job, he goes to Workforce development near him and they help him get one. The workplace k ows he has a disability and many places hire him anyway, but they have a heads up. This works very well. Does your son get SSDI? My nephew does which makes time between jobs not an emergency. He also gets food share, Medicare/Medicaid and a case manager. The case manager helped him get into a fairly.nice apartment that only takes 1/3 of what he makes....and he has a payee pay his bills. This is all because of SSDI.

This kid is 28 and independent from us. We are relieved because parents can't live forever but his other help does continue.

My sis and her hub were his total guardians until 21 then he didn't want a guardian. He already was set with benefits.

One thing you have to remember. The world is as it is even if your son and my nephew need more help. That means that both of them can and will be fired if the boss says so, just like the rest of us. We feel bad but the world offers the benefits that it offers and they get help that way. If your son doesn't take advantage of those benefits, then he loses out a big chunk of help. I don't know what is wrong with your son, but if the court says you could be his guardian, most likely he qualifies for SSDI and benefits too.

There are some people who refuse to take benefits. Then they are on their own.

This is how I understand it.

I send prayers and hope that your son is able to get through this. Good for him for taking his medications!!

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Thanks, Busy.

Yes, he gets SSDI and Medicare/Medicaid. I have called 2 agencies, but cannot find him a case manager. I am waiting on an agency that sends social workers to the home to call me back, as he needs help with life skills as well as case management. I will have him call Voc Rehab on Monday.

He was working at a school for the handicapped. Says he doesn’t want to do retail anymore. He works at his uncle‘s law office on Saturdays. I don’t care what kind of job he has, as long as he can do it.

Since he has nowhere to go on Monday he will fall back to sleeping all day, up all night, and using substances. This is what worries and upsets us.