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    For those who see I have added difficult child#2, aka My Stray, I thought I had better explain.

    He came to us via a truck stop in MI in September. The poor thing has been bounced from bio-mom to Residential Treatment Center (RTC), to foster care to Residential Treatment Center (RTC), to bio-dad, to Uncle, to grandma, to aunt, then to the street, where we found him. Poor baby hadn't had food in 3 days and only had the cloths on his back.

    He is one of those difficult children that fell through the cracks, and whose bio-parents didn't understand or know how to deal with him. They didn't understand the side effects of medicine that made him worse. Bio-mom was drug addict, and foster parents and bio-dad couldn't deal with him.

    Luckily I do understand and can deal with him. :smile:

    He gets along with my difficult child and pcs ok. Nothing major, just usual sibling stuff. He calls me and husband, mom and dad. That is fine with us.

    Currently working on getting him medical insurance, a new evaluation, a job, a car, and a license. Already tracked down birth certificate.

    He's a good kid who just need some guidence and help.

    I can do that! :its_all_good:
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    What an awsome thing for you to do.My husband and I may do the same thing later down the road.It is something we have talked about several times.Good luck and I'm sure he appreciates every thing you have done for him!
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    Give yourself a round of applause :bravo:

    it takes a very caring and understanding person to take on what you have ..i'm sure you have a special seat in heaven later on.
    i found this thought you might like it...

    <span style="color: #993399"> PASSAGE
    Your mother loved you dearly
    But that love was not enough,
    With tears in her eyes and guilt in her heart
    She had to give you up.

    You started life, far from certain
    Moving from home to home,
    A search began to fill your void
    A family to call your own

    Days dragged on, and into weeks
    And months turned into years,
    Old enough to look for mommy and dad
    But the horizons never near

    Your life on hold, bonds incomplete,
    Growing older with every day,
    Hoping and dreaming every night
    For a permanent home to stay

    A call is made, “a child we have”
    Of course we want this child!
    More than ready to fill a heart felt void
    Knowing your trust will be meek and mild

    You quietly question another move
    Is my search over or still continuing?
    You keep to yourself, hiding here and there
    As the question begins diminishing

    You eye all the other children
    Their love helps you on your way,
    You see, once they were where you are
    At the start of their first new day

    You give us your trust, you warmed to our love
    We’re finally now mommy and dad,
    Our heart now filled, the bonds now complete
    Your tears for a family, now glad

    Your mother sent you on a journey
    God’s destination she did not know,
    So little, you made your passage
    From her heart into our own.</span>
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    That was a very nice poem jessica, thank you.