My stress buster, now...I need to let it go, we deserved this

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Well, it was a financial hit (for me) but a HUGE stress relief. With all that is going on, I have had to figure out something to keep Q busy at least till 8:30 every night. It ends up in surprise charges even when I bring food, not to mention gas if we do something like our gps find a new park fun...(he loves to explore and find new parks but with his new fear issue, he is now worried about wild animals popping out and while he faces his fear when it hits him he takes it out on me rather than talking about it)..... So our city has a nice size water park. Not too huge to get lost but big enough that he never gets bored. With the new fear of heights he is much more cautious this year on slides..that is a good thing, it doesn't stop him but he is not being overly confident and disrupting people on the stairs.
    So here's what I did. I found out that the season pass is 60 dollars thru mid Sept. For kids with special needs it includes a PCA (they type it right on the pass, not sure that is cool...but oh well) and so that is 60 dollars for the season for both of us (I get to be the pca if no actual Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker comes). it is 10 dollars per day normally for each of us. Since I dont get to do a vacation, I have always treated him to that a few times a year. I feel awful spending that much at one time, but I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. He does beautifully at water parks, with only his normal simple moments, but in general he wants to always be able to come back so he doesn't goof it up. It is a way for him to be around kids but not having to negotiate back and forth play. So for 60 bucks we both get a season full of water park, they are open even on holidays so when every other activity falls through we always have this as a back up except on storm days but we live close enough that we have left during the rain then come back and almost have the park to ourselves.

    It is sucky to feel guilty about spending money but I know this was a good move. He didn't even fuss about my coming to pick him up from school instead of the bus bringing him home.

    I know this is a dumb thing to type about but my head is so full and this one thing made a huge difference yesterday. It was for him but it was for me made my life manageable for the summer. So I decided if you take all the mani's and pedi's that I have never done in my life, and the fact that I have had ONE haircut all year....I am going to say I earned this. Good thing my kid likes peanut butter and jelly! LOL.

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    Glad you spent the money! PB&J, noodles swith a bit of cheese sprinkled on it, oatmeal, bean soup and I have a lot more like that up my sleeve! lol My kids have never complained about simple foods. It is very well spent money and you'l find ways to close your budget. Don't feel guilty and actually enjoy it.
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    Good for you!! I am glad something works. To me, it may have been a financial hit (been there done that) but it was a necessary expense. If I hadn't gotten the season pass for our water park for difficult child wouldn't be pretty. That is a small price to pay for what is gained by doing it.

    And it was NOT a dumb thing to talk about. It is very real and something that not everyone thinks about. Amongst all the negative you've had going on..... TYPE AWAY!!!!!!!
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    Where's the "Like" button?

    I think it's WONDERFUL that you were able to get the season pass! Enjoy yourself!
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    Buddy... this is NOT a luxury. This is planned spending that will avoid both unexpected costs and all sorts of headache for both of you. If you need more food-budget-stretching ideas, just start a thread over on healthy living or the watercooler and watch us all "jump in"...
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    I do this as well. We have a water park less than 5 miles from the house with free parking. We go around 5. It costs about 120 for the both of us but it is so worth it. We have been doing this since he was 3. Never feel guilty about doing something that helps you both survive.
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    Don't want to make an insensitive comment, but 60 dollars for all summer seems to me quite reasonable... and, of course, as all the others have said VERY worthwhile expenditure. Food is overrated anyway :)
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    Great plan Buddy! Enjoy it. Really a great price for the quality of entertainment (self entertainment!) and pleasure the two of you get out of this. Enjoy!
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    Love you guys so much and yes.....I'm typing this while escaping 97 degree heat at the water park. At 5:15 my Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) person comes and they said no problem switching shifts ....nice.
  10. Buddy - Do Not Feel Guilty about that! What a great investment for both you and Q to enjoy some summer fun and beat the stress as well as the heat! And it's so great that you can switch out with the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) person as well.

    Money well spent in my opinion! Enjoy it!!!
  11. InsaneCdn

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    You can even switch shifts! So... you can start "early" if that's better for Q... and STILL get a break for YOU.

    Absolutely no question this is going to be worth it!
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    I do not think that you should feel guilty about this at all!! It's something that you can plan around. "Q, we have nothing planned today What do you say we head over to the water park?" When there is nothing going on, it's a great thing to be able to pull out of your back pocket, especially since he won't get bored of it. I'm glad that you spent the money. It will be a life save for both of you this summer. Have fun and enjoy it!
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    Your sanity is worth every single penny spent!! Enjoy the water park!! SFR
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    Oh, and... make a note to yourself to include this in next year's budget so it doesn't have to come out of "nowhere" next time. <wink>
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    Years ago something like this would have been covered. It is called a community integration support waiver afterall! But in the last several years they have removed the ability to include passes, tickets, admissions, any form of food even if a reinforcer or special diet, saying these are things parents typically pay for. The thing is, many of these things are used as destinations for practice on goal work, not the once in a while events that you typically do with family. It used to be that if you could tie it to a goal the child was working on then it was covered. Now, you can't. It even got tricky with the social skills therapy place he is going to because they itemized the charges for the therapy and listed the admissions for where tehy took the kids. So, you could pay the 2500 but have to come up with money for them to GO where they therapy was happening. It turned out they could word it as recreational therapy expenses and get it covered, Every year some brainiac figures out another way to mess things up for us. LOL