My supervisor may be leaving!

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    My supervisor just told me yesterday that she has applied to another job at another school. This is the woman who said I was fat a few weeks ago and made me cry. She treats me well and acts like my best friend one day and then she stabs me in the back and treats me like dirt the next. So now she may be leaving. Interestingly enough, the job she applied for is the one that I wanted. It is for a counseling secretary working at a high school just down the street from us. It is an eleven month job, which is currently what I am looking for. Right now I have a ten month job so that means two months of no work and no money. It is hard on me financially. I would love to have just one month of summer vacation to spend with my kids and work the rest of the year. Plus the salary is higher than what I am getting now. Only problem is the job requires you to be bilingual. So I don't qualify and I was really bummed out when I found out I couldn't apply.

    My supervisor applied for the job several weeks ago without telling anybody. To get hired for any job in the district you have to go through math and english placement testing and score in the top three to be considered for an interview. Once you get hired, if you apply for another position down the road you have to test all over again. It's going to be a pain in the butt for me when I apply to another job sooner or later, but I passed with flying colors the first time around so I know I can do it again. Anyway, my supervisor got the call yesterday telling her she scored in the top three. So she goes for her panel interview on Monday. One of the interviewers is the old principal from our school. He transferred over to the other school about three years ago. When he was at our school he absolutely loved my supervisor. Most men do seeing as she's a smoking hot blonde with a perfect body and perfect size daughter's. She dresses perfectly and looks great despite just turning 50 awhile ago. I have a feeling she is going to get the job. Two other candidates will also be interviewed. The panel then votes on who they would like to hire. Since my supervisor already has an in with the principal there and he will be a part of the panel, I really think she is going to get the job. I am really hoping she does. I can't take her fake niceness and mean comments any longer. And then there's the silent treatments. If I do something wrong I get the silent treatment for weeks. I will be happy not to have to contend with it any longer.

    Unfortunately I cannot go after her job. Boy do I ever wish I could. She gets paid more for doing less work. Her job is super easy. Way easier than mine. But her position also requires you to be bilingual. I don't even come close. I have been at this school for seven years now and I've picked up quite a bit of spanish, but not enough to have full blown conversations with people. I know some of y'all may think I'm terrible for saying this, but it really burns me up the one has to learn a whole other language just to be considered for certain jobs. These parents I work with have been in America for about fifteen years. They still can't speak a word of English. They allow their English speaking kids to translate for them. It's not fair to people like me who deserve raises and promotions. But it is what it is. So wish me luck with her. I am hoping to come back in September to find a newer, nicer person in her place.
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    How far away are you from being able to carry on a conversation? If you got a Rosetta Stone program is that something you would be able to do in your spare time? There are many apps for your phone that might help.

    It does seem unfair.
    But it also seems like if you want to move up, you may need to consider it.
    My brother is fairly fluent from working as a chef most kitchen help is or was more fluent in Spanish then English and he learned simply by hearing it constantly and using it daily.
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    I can take Spanish calls as long as they are calling in their kid sick or for court and doctor's appointments. I can ask for the name and phone number in spanish and I understand them when they speak to me. I cannot call up and explain to a parent in spanish that their kid is truant and they need to make an appointment with the school. That is a huge part of my job so there's no way I could do it. Another teacher and I took a spanish class a few years ago but it was an intermediate class and was too hard for the both of us. We fell way behind and ended up dropping out. I would consider taking a beginner's class sometime in the near future. Still I would need to be taking classes for several years before I would be considered fluent. My supervisor told me that part of her testing was to translate an entire IEP from English to Spanish. IEP's are incredibly lengthy and contain medical diagnoses, etc and she said it was hard. She's been speaking Spanish her entire life and she told me that was the hardest part of the test. So I need to be pretty fluent to qualify for a bilingual job. There are plenty of other positions in the district that do not require spanish speaking. Two of them in particular I am interested in. At my school we have two admin assistants and they are not bilingual. They are also eleven month positions which is what I'm looking for plus it's a higher salary. Both of these ladies are in their early sixties. I am hoping and praying one of them retires soon because when they do I am going after their positions!
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    I'll help you pay for a one way ticket for her :) :) :)
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    I also suggest learning another language and going for it. Many libraries have those language programs available. Also, two languages doesn't always have to mean what two languages you know. ;) Granted in your case Spanish would be an obvious choice to learn, but the rules don't specify. Me... I'd learn Klingon. But I wasn't able to find that easily on iTunes so Storm and I did some basic Russian iTunes learning. :)
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    The latest update on my supervisor is that the assistant principal already knows who he wants to hire and it's not her. He wants another woman that used to be a substitute for him. There are other people on the panel that have to vote on it so I told my supervisor not to let it get her down. There still is a chance she will be chosen even though one of the guys already has his heart set on somebody else. The main principal is also a deciding factor and he absolutely loves my supervisor. So I am still holding out hope even though she has lost hope. I still have hope for her!