My sweet difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, Jan 23, 2011.

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    My parents were in town visiting this week and they always stay with us during their visits.

    For several months they have been considering getting a puppy and while they were here the perfect situation came so they now have a cute little puppy that is a Cockapoo.

    They brought him to our house and they crated him to get a little rest and he started to whimper and difficult child went over to the crate and said, " Awwww don't worry buddy, you are going to such a great home and you will be loved and have lots of fun running around in the mountains"

    He then turned to our dog and said, "don't be jealous daisy, I love you and the puppy just needs a little extra love cause he is scared and misses his mom and dad."

    It was so cute and just melted my heart.
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    Awww. That's precious.
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    that is adorable. such a little man he is
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    Very sweet!