My teen daughter ran away 5 months ago


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My teen daughter ran away 5 months ago. I could not find her anywhere. She did not take any money, car, clothes, phones, or ID of any kind. She did not have a job. I had missing posters and pictures all summer. Finally found out where she is. On a piece of cement near smashed out buildings 4o miles from here. She has decided to pretend she is a street person now. Really scary. She shaved all her hair off to bald. Pierced her entire face in about 8 places. No one can barely recognize her now. She is claiming she is homeless and eating in the free soup kitchens. I want her to get to a mental health inpatient facility. I have been trying for months. She is using a fake first and last name. I filed the court research forms yesterday to make sure there was not a legal name change. It doesn't look like it, but you never know. I tried to talk to her when I saw her on the cement. She started screaming and running into the traffic. She was screaming a stranger is talking to me over and over again. Then she dialed an ambulance. I thought ok, I am glad an ambulance is coming to pick her up and take her to the hospital. They decided not to. Then let her run between cars instead. My daughter told all the people on the street that she did not have a mom and I was a total stranger. She told the paramedics that i was a stranger also. It was a sad situation. Has anyone ever had a daughter on the street who claims her mother is a stranger? She was convinced and i even had her picture in my purse to show.


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Hi and welcome

I am so sorry to hear this happened to your daughter and you. How old is she? Is there a history of drug abuse?

More will be along to offer advice and comments.


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That is heart breaking. 8t sounds like you are doing everything possible. Have you heard anything from the courts? Ksm


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This is a major fail of our crappy mental health system. She should not be on the streets trying to hurt herself. I am so sorry. Words can not express. I do not get involved with my addict, bit if this we're my kid I would probably see a psychologist to ask if there is any way I could have her committed. The bar is high but running in traffic and around cars may count as trying to kill herself. I may also take a video if I could manage.

Again my heart goes out to you. Even if she uses drugs too it is obviously now also a mental health problem. Meanwhile having a therapist can help YOU deal with this. Love and hugs


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So sorry this is happening to you.Saying prayers for you and your daughter. I have a son who does drugs with a mental health disorder. In years past, I tried to help him navigate the mental health system. Its mostly outpatient and left to patient to take the medications. My son says he does not like how he feels on the medications and so..... he lives on the streets. I am heartbroken , have PTSD from seeing him there.


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