My teenage son is urinating in his room


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My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of seven hes now 14th and no longer using medicine my concern is seven years ago he was not using the toilet and urinating in his closet I spoke to him about it he just said he was lazy and didn’t wanna get up. Then a few months later we were in a rental home and again when we packed up and moved his room smells like P again he just told me that was because he was scared in this house I asking all the questions is something wrong anything to find out why was doing it but that was the end it never happened again he told me it’s because he was scared because it wasn’t his House and I thought that was going to be end of it now fast forward seven years and today I just realized he’s probably doing it ever since we moved here and also in his fathers home it’s really bad there too . I don’t know how to approach him about this he’s very sensitive kid can anybody please help me with some advice


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It sounds like he has an anxiety disorder or maybe a medical problem with the bladder. I would take him to his primary care doctor. They might recommend counseling or send him to a urologist. Were there any traumatic experiences in his past?


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Inappropriate urination is not at all normal and definitely a sign that something is very wrong either physically, mentally, or both. Please take him first to his pediatrician and then to a psychiatrist. Best wishes and keep us posted.


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My son did this and it because he didn't want to take the time to go to the bath,
which was right next door to his room because he was busy playing video games.


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My son would pee in cups or bottles, never just on the carpet but I still found it disturbing and disgusting. It was because of video games or not wanting to face us or be questioned.


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My son (age 11, ODD, ADHD, Asperger's, depression, anxiety, and mood disorder) has done this once a long time ago and then again recently. He told the doctor he usually did it when he was angry, so we agreed that when he was upset he would go cool down in the bathroom. Also, I had to rip out the carpet and the underpad. I had tried to have the carpets cleaned 3 times. Each time the smell was worse. I had a talk with him about this being in appropriate and since he made the choice to pee in the carpet he would have to help rip it up. I had him pull up the carpet, and pull out the tack board. Then bought some clear kills sealant and put that on the floor. I will fix the floor when we move out of the house, because it is likely to happen again. In fact it has happened twice since then. :frown: Once I caught him trying to pee in the washing machine, and the other I found he had peed on the refrigerator. I made him use a toothbrush to clean the grout, so that he would understand the trouble that is gone through to clean up this stuff. He doesn't like having to use the toothbrush to clean. Also, I had him do this stuff so he sees the consequence of "you break it, you buy it."

Good Luck!:notalone:


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I'm glad I found this thread. My 12 year old son has urinated on the carpet at the foot of his bed and also numerous times in the playroom where he plays video games. I did take him to the pediatrican and they did bloodwork to rule out any physical issues. I think he's either being lazy and not wanting to have to stop his time from video games, or beinf defiant. I'm leaning more towards defiant because there's no videpo games in his bedroom and his room ir literally right next to the bathroom. I have no idea what to do. I can't tell my husnand, he would absolutley lose his mind. I'm waiting to see what his psychiatrist says...


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Hi there, I don't have experience of this specific thing but I have a teen with inattentive add and and I can see how this might happen with adhd although it may not be the cause. The fact they cannot motivate themselves to do things because they are important rather than interesting doesn't sound such a handicap but it really produces some problems!! When he does this weeing- time of day or situation would be a big indicator of the cause. I would talk to him in a really casual matter of fact way first and then take it from there when you have got a feel for what's behind it. Don't panic though is my mantra.


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Maybe this summer he could volunteer at the animal shelter for two reasons. First, it woukw help him see how much trouble it is to clean up urine, etc. It might also help him stay busy enough to get his mind off his anxiety.


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If it's happening during nighttime hours, it could be due to sleepwalking.

My late husband had issues with sleepwalking and peeing in his dresser drawers as a child. He was put on desipramine, which, with better sleep hygiene, solved the problem.

Interestingly, a couple of years after he got out of the Army, I watched from our bed in bemused horror as he got up, sound asleep, walked over to the dresser, pulled open a drawer, and peed in it!

Luckily, it was HIS underwear drawer.

In husband's case it was related to stress/anxiety levels, and abnormalities in his sleep cycles.

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I can't imagine.

We had a neighbour that had an older child that still wet his pants (and bed) daily/nightly, well into his single digit years. There was no abuse involved whatsoever, and it was a stable and loving home, which makes me wonder if it isn't the result of a child being forced to toilet train too soon... at too early of an age?

I know with my own kids, I never pushed toileting until they were good and ready, because of problematic fallout I had read and heard about in my day.

At any rate, it needs to be dealt with.


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My grandkids were using pull-ups at night way past when they should have needed to (7 and 9. I bought one of the wireless alarm systems that has sensors in the underwear (which were really cute for both boys and girls), they kids would set the tone they wanted to hear when/if the alarm went off, used waterproof pads, two layers, that tucked in nicely over the top sheet. When the alarm went off, they would get up and hit the button to turn it off, finish peeing in the toilet, change the underwear, attach the sensor disc to the clean undies, and pull the top waterproof pad off if it got wet. in 10 days, both were dry and they haven't had an accident since. It was truly amazing.


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My 9 year old son also urinates in his room. He is not lazy...he simply does it to as an act of defiance when he is mad. I have also caught him pouring water on the floor to make it look like he peed on the floor.

He used to force himself to go poop and would smear that over every surface of his bedroom while in time out but that has subsided.

I ended up buying a rug doctor and replacing all the carpet with carpet backed by waterproofing backing so I can atleast stop the pee from getting down to the carpet pad and subfloor.

You are not alone and I am sorry you are having to deal with this.