My tooth....a disaster

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by upallnight, Jul 17, 2011.

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    This has been ongoing for months. I had a root canal and crown many years ago. A few months ago, the dentist said there was a cavity under there, I didn't feel it, having no nerve there.

    He filled it, put on a temporary crown, I was in pain, he kept filing down the temp, and I figured it would be better in 3 weeks when he put on the permanant crown.

    I keep going back there, he keeps filing it down and says the x-ray looks fine. (But why does it hurt, I don't have a nerve) Well, now he sees something wrong. I only have a small amount of money left on my insurance and I'm so mad at this it's absessed, and I have to go to a periodontist, I'm venting, thanks for letting me......I know I'm going to have to have it pulled after all this.
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    Ugh...that would irritate me too. Okay...both ways! Sorry you are hurting. I can take a whole lot of pain but anything in my head just is the worst. I have to set up an appointment to get my entire mouth taken care of next month so I will be here sharing my woes.
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    Ugh. Sounds like you were getting "milked".

    Not too overly pleased with my dentist. Told him my teeth crumble with or without cavities. I haven't worn the lower bridge in months.......the back molar anchor crumbled......most likely from the pressure of the bridge. Just like I told him I was worried it would do. Just wanna slap him upside the head. They're my teeth, for pete's sake. I wanted a full lower denture. He spend 2 months talking me into a bridge I now can't use.

    So sorry you're hurting. Once he found the cavity under the cap it should have been pulled. At least according to my guy.

  4. 1905

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    I KNOW! Especially when he told easy child I was melodramatic! Um...It really did hurt, and now he can see it it's broken. AND now it's infected. I've had chemo, and osteoparosis....I know my bones are compromised, not to mention a bout with an eating disorder. I called this man at home last night at 9:30, he said it's broken last night on the phone. So, he didn't believe me all those other times I said ...this hurts.

    Lisa, Can he do a full lower denture now? Can he give you some discount or payment plan? This is what get's me mad, I didn't know enough about what USUALLY happens to say....pull it and I'll get a bridge, so after all this bs, and wasting my sick days going there, now I have to wait until JAN. to get a my tooth will be pulled on Tuesday, if it's not too infected. Your dentist should help you, I hope he does!

    Janet, we can all share our woes. Oh Star, How's Dfs' new teeth, any better?....I hope so!
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    Truly I have a major "thing" about dentists. The costs are out of this world. The compassion is fleeting. Both husband and I use the top dentist in our community but he does not do root canals...refers to a woman specialist. husband has literally gone a minimum of five times "free of charge" since his root canal because there is still a problem. Ignorantly or not I have avoided the office for over two years. I don't tolerate (as Janet said) pain in my head. If I tell you I have a pain then fix it quickly after you have conked me out as much as possible. We're talking big bucks and alot of time. I'm genuinely sorry that you are facing this frustrating issue. Hugs. DDD
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    I dunno if he'd give me a discount on lowers or not. I doubt it. I haven't had the spare cash to go in and have the hole filled yet, so by now I can hear him go on about a cavity that we both know wasn't there, because he x rayed it before to make certain. I don't know when I'll have the cash to get the hole fixed.......and I'm not asking my mom cuz she's shelled out enough as it is. I think she'd go ballistic on the guy then die of a stroke with my luck.

    Funny thing is? I've discovered lowers are not all that necessary. Now I know why mother in law went without them all the time. lol