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    I finally got a hold of my GP who told me to stop the warfarin on Tuesday night. That means I can probably head to the dentist Monday or Tuesday of next week.

    I made it through the night being miserable on my normal pain medications interspersed with naproxen. Im only supposed to take my pain pills three times a day but I dont normally have to take them that often unless in a real bad flare so I took my pain medications every 4 hours and took the naproxen every 6 hours. Still didnt put a dent into the pain though.

    So I struggled through Wednesday till it was time to take Billy to work at 6 last night and decided to just try my luck at the ER since my GP wouldnt call in any antibiotic or the ketoprofen.

    I got in the ER and finally got back in there around 8. Billy gets out of work at 9 so that worked out well. doctor looks at me, asks me what is needed. I tell him the problem and that I want a pain shot, some antibiotics and a script of some ketoprofen. He asks if I need some narcotics too and I said some at He just looked at me and said he likes a woman who knows what she wants...lmao. So he orders me up 2mgs of dilaudid, 40 pills of antibiotics and 90 ketoprofen pills. These rx ketoprofen pills are 75mgs! I hope they do the trick.

    I read they are for arthritis too...maybe they will help out my joint pain and I will have found a new medication. Cool.

    One interesting thing. They asked me if I had a driver right before they gave me the dilaudid shot and Billy had just come in. Well we all know Billy only has his learners and we were gonna have him just drive extremely slow on the back roads home. This was so not ideal. Billy was freaking out about how he was gonna get my car backed out of the parking I got in the car and said look...I will get us out of the parking lot and then I will trade. I never even felt the darn shot until I was almost home!!!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm so glad you got something to help you feel better until you can get in to see that dentist! Tooth pain is just miserable to put up with.

    How's the dilauded doing for the pain now that it's kicked in? That was the only thing that would touch husband's post-op pain after his brain surgery.
  3. DammitJanet

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    Well I only got the one shot last night and it was only 2mgs. Considering the fact that I was able to drive home and talk on the cellphone...well...I dont think it was that I still had to take another lorcet about 4 am this morning to finally fall asleep...lmao.

    I am feeling some better today though because I got the antibiotic and ketoprofen filled. So now that I am on those along with my normal lorcet...well...I am just miserable instead of going out of my mind miserable.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :( I'm sorry it still hurts. I hope the dentist can get you ASAP. Have you called to see if they've had any cancellations?
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    I have so been there done that and probably will be again very soon. I've got a really bad tooth that I'm surprised hasn't already given me major trouble.

    Glad you were able to find a doctor to give you the pain medications you needed. That is so a new kind of hades when you don't have decent pain medications. I hope you can get into the dentist soon and get it taken care of.