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  1. dreamer

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    My easy child got a laptop for herself and she had me trying to learn to use computer instead of webtv all day today. OK so thats going ok enough.....and my son comes up to me and tells me I am not the only gifted person in the family learning amazing new things. I turn to look at him and .........ROFL my sillly son turns out he can wiggle his ears....not just a litttle bit, but a LOT. ANd then he said they wiggle by themself when he hears a noise behind him! Oh my goodness, I was LOL so hard

    it is really wild to watch. LOL..........
  2. susiestar

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    How fun!!! That is sure to get giggles from others, I can remember a kid who used to do that, we all had a good time distracting the teachers (esp nuns) with his talented ears!

    Enjoy the computer!
  3. Hound dog

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    I'm so glad easy child is helping you learn to use the computer. Really it's not that hard. Just takes some time to get used to.

    Too adorable about lil Dude! I'd have been laughing out loud too. :D
  4. Stella Johnson

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    That's hilarious. I've never seen anyone do that in person. I did see it on Funniest Home Videos once.

    Once you get used to the laptop you won't be able to stand using webtv.:smug:

  5. dreamer

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    LOL, those ears, they are just too funny cute. I had heard of people who could do it, but I never knew anyone who could. I have NO idea whatever got into him to TRY it, LOL.....but yeah, it was fun. I can now picture him sitting across from me during some serious occasion and wiggling them at me, and makeing me have to try very hard not to be distracted by it and burst out laughing when it is inappropriate. Yeesh.

    The laptop? Well, um.LOL------ya know, me and my ole webtv are inseperable. She got the laptop at graduation in spring.....easy child and he other 2 kids use it sometimes, and easy child takes it to school with her often. But today she and my son decided they wanted me to figure it mostly they showed me how to plug it in, get it on (battery needed chargeing) and they set me loose. LOTS of sites are no longer compatible with webtv anymore.....and many things look very different on webtv than on computer, and I do not use a mouse on webtv (altho no mouse on laptop, either, LOL) What shocked me is how the day got away from me while I merrily surfed the web! LOL. My kids would be very happy if I happened across a laptop growing under my peonies or lilacs.cuz they want hi speed and my webtv cannot use hi speed - it HAS to use dial up. Hmm, maybe we could charge admission for my son to show off wiggleing his ears? LOL......then maybe we could get some more laptops? LOL and hi speed?
    SO much technology..these cell phones are amazing......and my son is pushing me to get myself an iPod.....yeah dude, if one would only grow on my mums out back, maybe......LOL. <sigh> I still use....cassette tapes. ROFL.and VCR tapes. Aw darn, I remember when there was no such thing, giggle.

    Yeah it was fun on the laptop. when I made dinner I had it in kitchen and pretended we were REAL hi tech and brought up foodnetworks site to "guide" me cooking, LOL. The kids thought that was very amuseing. :)

    I liked being able to use the emoticons when I was posting on the laptop.
  6. Stella Johnson

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    I always swore I didn't need an IPOD. I still won't buy an IPOD because they are way too expensive but I did get a little MP3 player and I love it. I use it all the time now when I'm cleaning house or walking through the neighborhood trying to find my aimlessly wandering difficult child. It's nice listening to music that I pick, play it when I want to, and NO commercials.

    With all the advancements on the internet you are probably lucky you can get to any sites these days. I started out on a webtv in 1999. I had it for a couple of years and finally got the money to buy a real computer. I could never go back

  7. dreamer

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    Hmmm.not sure if I should admit this? LOL. My husband was in computers back in 70s and 80s, and we always had a "state of the art" home computer, even in the 80s. Ug. BUT I had no idea what it was about, and I was so busy working 2 and 3 jobs at a time, I never even saw it really, not the screen.....husband was usually tucked in a corner with his big top secret work tool?
    His computer was NOT internet capable then.....and in 95, I got a huge disability lump sum payment (OK not, not even large......but more than I had ever seen.LOL-----) and I was interested in this internet thing and email. so in 95, I got my Biglots.for $39. I already had a camcorder and a VCR and surprise, nondigital camcorder could be hooked up to could vcr.....and yes, there were also printers back then.......
    eventually we DID get a computer, BUT husband never ever ever let me anywhere near it, altho I was never home anyway, working and going to college and then all the doctor appts and iep meetings etc......but my lil webtv was in my bedroom on my bed......aand justbefore I collapsed at nite, - way before laptops, me and my webtv would curl up and I would go online. The kids got old enough and THEY atched on to daddys computer.....and then it did go online.but......still I was never here and they hogged it. BUT then I realized, most of the time the computer did not really work....viruses, trojans, whatever all those nasties are.
    Plus everytime I blinked someone was saying mom the computer needs this and this and 99% of the time the computer sat in need.....of softare, of hardware of spyware, whatever all that stuff is? BUT my webtv just kept on going like the energizer bunny. no viruses, no worms, no upgrades, no this or that. It just kept on working just fine. My camcorder eventually died, and it had worked similar to a scanner, if you can believe. Our vcr is dying..and it is no longer novel to me to record anything from nternet onto a vcr tape, LOL. I HAVE used my webtv similar to a laptop over the years and taken it with me places, no need for wi fi.....unique and awesome setup----a TV and a phone line and I was good to go. the phone line did NOT have to be any thing special, any one would do. My webtv used an 800 dial up number. LOL. Oh the printer eventually died and printers have changed a lot over the years and now I cannot find a printer to work.
    So--------I never bothered to even try to get my hands on a computer here. I got so sick of hearing about viruses etc, and our home computers died. and I let them stay dead. Expensive little buggers. I LOL at husband and the kids.cuz I always all thru it all had my lil ole trusty webtv. It NEVER let me down.
    UNTIL.....eventually websites began to convert over to whatever it is now they use? This site and many others, they changed.....and yeah......more and more there were more and more sites I could not access, could not interact with, some I could not even see.
    But for 13 and my lil ole $39 webtv have been best friends. This webtv DID make an awesome incredible homepage for me way back in 96. complete with animated graphics, music etc. It wrote ALL my college papers and printed them up very nicely for me. It did faxes back was very helpful dureing all the iep garbage and due process etc.

    But yes, now my poor lil ole webtv is getting very very is in the autumn of its life. And I am grieiving already. :)
    This keyboard and me? Oh my goodness. It was here on my lap all thru my quadriplegic time. My keyboard has slept in my pillow beside me all these years.
    It has typed prolly hundreds of thousands of emails. Thru some of the darkest days of my life and some of the most joyous.

    Truthfully, these days I email I think one person. ANd I come to this site. and thats about it. And now that I am doing text messageing so well? and in such abundance? LOL------(thanks to my kids) I amnot sure if I really have such a huge need for a computer, anymore. I have a new grandbaby on the way I want to play that I am once again physically mobile, walking etc again......I spend LOTS more time up and moving and doing again. So- I resist a computer. Yes, a laptop sounds fun......but, truly, becuz husband has been on total disability since 1990 and me since 2000......and difficult child is likely never going to be independant.....and the new grandbaby will be living here for a time after it is born while easy child goes to college.....
    I doubt I really can justify scraping to come up with $$ for a computer or an MP3 player. and with the awful things the economy is doing right now? is so scary.

    So- easy child does have her laptop- and I will just hafta borrow hers sometimes? LOL. And I will grin and say something witty like um..oh.....hey easy child, I took care of you all these years and now you kids can start to provide for me and take care of me? Let me borrow your laptop? Kinda like how I let you borrow car keys? LOL

    BUT I really hope my webtv will just keep on going forever. By now it really really feels like a part of my body, LOL.
    It has to have been the very very very best $39 ANYONE could have ever spent. (except for maybe someone who bought a winning lottery ticket?)

    OK.sorry I typed such a long post.
    It really is funny just how much I really do love my poor old outdated webtv. :) I really really do love it.
  8. Hound dog

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    dreamer you really did get a ton for your money. :D Sounds like me with my old word processor mother in law bought me.........and although I haven't used it in years, I can't bare to part with it yet. lol

    But as far as computers go........You could ask on freecycle or cheapcycle, and we bought a perfectly good one for Nichole a few years ago at a yard sale. (owner had just upgraded) It cost us 50 bucks. lol

    Viruses and such are no big deal as long as you have a good anti-virus program and firewall.
  9. everywoman

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    How cute of your son.

    And dreamer, welcome to the modern age. I know you will enjoy the computer so much more than WebTV---I tried to use something similar at a hotel this weekend---drove me nuts.
  10. hearts and roses

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    Aw, thanks for the laugh! That must be so cute to see! I always wanted to do something silly like that - all I can do is bend my arms backward and that's kinda gross, lol.

    What a cutie.:D