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    was interesting. I had modified my letter to the judge based on opinions from several board members and to reflect a little more specific stuff but took out the BiPolar (BP) definition.

    Anyway, I was going to apply for a chins through intake, as the clerk recommended last week, then take that and ask for the judge to remove probation or have a hearing to get services.

    Intake said that they could not do a chins unless difficult child was violating the law. She asked me to explain specificly what was going on at home, I briefed her, she said talk to PO. So, I explained that. She told me to sit down for a few and she could come and help me. Soomeone else in intake asked what is going on because I was 'not showing my calm side' and the lady announced to them all that everyone had been giving me the run around.

    As I'm waiting, PO walks out to get her next appointment. She asked if I was there to meet with her. I said no, I was trying to apply for chins. She said she'd call me later, that they had been on a holiday since last Thurs.

    Lady from intake comes out and tells me her husband is bipolar. She said what is going on with PO and I said she has known what is going on but has done nothing. She told me she just saw PO and PO will now call and when she calls, tell her I want an appointment within 1 week with her and her super. She said to take all documentation and evidence that PO has been kept informed. I said I have printouts from where I faxed things to her. She said if that didn't get me in front of the next FAPT (county team) session, then come back and tell her. I realize I could have met with PO and super before, or at least called super, but it would get me nowhere if there isn't someone down there who appears to care about it going somewhere- like this lady. :)

    Then we chatted about BiPolar (BP). She said based on her husband, they never learn some of the signs and preventative measures that we hope they would. She asked if difficult child had ever been on steroids. I nearly fell over- I said I had such a hard time even getting profs to acknowledge a connection. I told her about the doubling of prozac and that's how difficult child got in the big legal trouble, and about the albuterol plus AD last Oct. She said OMG- he was on lithium then put on an AD AND albuterol around the same time- no wonder your having this crisis. She understood all of that- (she must be a warrior wife)! she recommends abilify.

    Then, I told her that I was still going to submit a request for the judge to release difficult child from probation. She said ok, it might not do any good, but it will get my letter in front of the judge and let her know what's going on, if she reads it. So, I went and got a nice clerk today who said she'd put it all straight in judge's inbox. She didn't mark a request for a hearing- she marked "other" but didn't write anything in. Hopefully, between that and my brief request on the form, it will be enough to get the judge to look thru my and the prof's letters. I'll check back maybe Monday to see if there's any word from the judge on it yet. If nothing else, this gets it in difficult child's file and it will be the most recent thing in there should he break the law and end up in front of the judge again. I know better than to expect the PO to present it in court in difficult child's or my defense. been there done that last year.
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    Fingers crossed!!
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    I'm so glad you found a sympathetic person there.. I hope it works for you. She's simply incorrect that a child has to break the law to get CHINS ... but at this point, it sounds like other things are falling into place.. so will keep my fingers crossed there!!
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    Glad you were able to find someone at intake who understands! Fingers crossed and fog dance in progress!
  5. Wow! Glad you were finally able to talk to someone helpful! Good luck with the meeting.
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    Thank you! All I know is she said that I could apply to get help- but not that way. She said "I don't know why we always get people coming in trying to get a hearing for chins- that isn't just done arbitrarily and we don't do things like that here. Sit down a few mins and I'll help you with the process- which will be different for you because your son is on probation". I don't care if they want to call it chins or not if it gets us some help!! Anyway, there for a few we were discussing whether or not to jsut have me file charges on difficult child for something- anything - but given his suspended sentence, I think I'll keep that as a last result- then do what the lady said- file charges for him stealing something from you or damaging some of your property (busting the door) or something.

    Even if it leads me to nowhere, I can't tell you how nice it was to meet someone in that building who understood- not only what I'm going thru, but how difficult child got involved with them legally to begin with. Oh- she also told me about a support group to look into and see if they had adolescent meetings. She said she thought they would still have some for family of people with BiPolar (BP).
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    I'm so glad you met someone on the 'inside' who understands. It's amazing what that can lead to.
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    :DHappy, happy. Now you have a connection, and you will begin networking, and suddenly you will find yourself on the exact path you need for difficult child. I have no doubts.

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    I wonder which angel of yours pushed the warrior wife in that room to see you just steaming but maintaining as best as you could.

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WARRIOR MOM and (apparently) fantastic letter writer!

    Glad you finally got an ear that would listen.
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    Thanks Star, Steely, and Heather!! I'm glad to see around, Steely- I missed you!
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    klmno: You are so magnificant. not using your calm voice? spoken like someone who is use to manipulating others. Is my emotional state a ploy? Or is this what it looks and sounds like when Help has been told to go to point X and get form 768765.76 and have person Y stamp it and person whocarewho put a little check in a square and then return.
    What you are going through reminds me of the "shampoo and repeat" instruction.
    Makes someone alot of money but is it good for my hair?
    You have made the entre into that courthouse because now the clerks are getting the picture.
    I affirm that the judge is going to "get it" and that the gears are going to shift and you will be guided to the path that will render the perfect situation that will lead to a far better time for you and your son.
    Good going. Klmno...what I say is keep talking until you get the answers that work for you. No is one of my favorite answers. And as a parent sometimes No is just not working for me. As a mother sometimes No is just the wrong answer.
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    Happy for you!!! By the way, Abilify and mood stabilizers is working well for my BiPolar (BP) daughter. Compassion
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    Well, I don't want to get overly-excited just yet. But, it's more hope than I had yesterday.

    We just got back from therapist appointment. He didn't do the family session. He spoke with difficult child, then me afterwards. I don't think he's quite gotten the real picture yet, but I haven't given up all hope for him- I'm just not banking on any out-patient therapist to "get it" anymore. Or at leeast, we aren't on the same page.

    I noticed that PO has not called. I guess she will say now that since I faxed her a copy og this request to the judge and my letter, that she doesn't need to do anything. That's what she has said on the other occassions when I took action because she hadn't.
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    Just reading your posts makes me tired. It's always something, if it ain't the cat it's the dog.

    Yup, you had an angel today, and not a moment too soon!
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    I am so crossing all body parts and adding in more prayers that this person is able to truly help. I am so glad you met her and she understands. Hugs.
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    Thanks, BBK & WO! I cc. the state office for protection and advocacy at the bottom of my letter to the judge. I hope it helps. I hope they fire the PO and her super. I hope therapist can wake up and realize some things too.

    Ohhhhh dreaming again, I guess!
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    Sounds like a positive day...fingers crossed things go well with the meetings.
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    I am so glad you had a good day. It's time for things to turn in a positive direction!
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    I'm glad someone helped you. I hope that everything continues forward. I know it feels like it's going at a snail's pace, but it is still moving along.:)
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    Klmno, that personal connection makes all the difference! What a great coincidence that the intake lady's husband has bipolar. I really hope that gets your foot in the door.
    I'm sending luck your way!