My wife is a drug addict

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Rodriguez45, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Hello, everybody! My better half is 35 years of age and she is a drug addict. She doesn't use it frequently, however when she does she doesn't know when to stop. Subsequent to taking the medications she will be in a condition where she can't hold her head up nodding off. Does anybody here have faced an issue like this ? One of my friends recommended doing the addiction recovery treatment from a centre( ) nearby in Toronto like the helix healthcare. I simply don't know where to go. Any guidance will be valued. Much obliged to you.
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    Welcome, Rodriguez. Here is the link to detachment. It's written for parents but it applies to spouses as well.

    My first husband was an alcoholic and a meth addict. I didn't know about the meth abuse until after I left. I left because he was irrational, unreasonable, angry, and paranoid. He was verbally abusive and rarely physically abusive.

    My late husband, listed in my signature, was also an addict but of prescription medications. Toward the end of his life, he added marijuana to the mix.

    I urge you to join a supportive group. You cannot fix your wife; this is work she must do on her own. The best thing you can do is live your own life. Do what you need to do for yourself to stay sane. Disengage from any craziness that gets thrown your way. Anytime you pay attention to the craziness, it will snowball and get worse.

    Do the two of you have any children?
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    Hi Rodriguez. Sorry for all you are going through.
    This is great advice. Check Al-anon-there are many locations/meetings, they are free, you can attend and just listen, no pressure to speak. You have made a good first step to want better for both of you. Prayers.
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    Welcome to our forum, I'm sorry your family is facing this issue. While we can't recommend a specific treatment program we can tell you where we found help. In my city addiction is a very hot topic so the recovery programs are very well publicized. We have a recovery resource group that we can call and get access to many of the programs in our area. We also have several medical facilities that deal in addiction recovery. You may want to start by googling recovery programs in your area. Start making calls, one source leads to another.

    The problem is if she does not recognize that she has a problem she will not willingly accept going through a program.

    What kind of drugs is your wife using? Are these prescription drugs? You may want to talk to her physician and tell him your concerns.
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    What does she use, and how frequently does she use it? The more information you can provide, the better the help we can try to give you.
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    From the description of her behavior when high, it sounds like opioids. My question is whether or not she's an addict as opposed to a binge user?

    If she's going a week or two or more between binges, she might not be physically addicted.

    Have you spoken to her about her use? How does she react. Does she want to quit? If she feels there is nothing wrong with her use of these medications, and doesn't want to quit, there isn't anything you can do. Your only choices are to stay with the status quo or leave. Even though you are married, only she can make the decision to continue using these drugs, or to get help and get off of them.