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    I am so sad. upset. Grrrrrr.

    I applied for a job in another department, as did 4 other operators. I have many, many years experience (others are young). But I have only been at this company 2 years. Others have been here 7 - 10 years. I didn't get the job. I am not upset about that.

    We work 12 hour shifts. Two operators midnight to noon(me) and two operators noon to midnight.

    There are two operators that are not employees and actually work through Manpower as contractors. no benefits. We all assumed who ever got the two jobs, the contractors would be hired.

    Nope. I was called down to the big boss's office yesterday. I was told who got the job. I am fine with that. Then I was asked if I would work Noon to Midnight. (both of the operators who got the job work that shift). I told him no. I worked second shift before and that just doesn't work out. I was told because I have the least seniority, I WILL be working noon to midnight. They are not filling those positions. The contractors will work 6pm - 6am. So, my partner now (who never comes to work) will work alone from 6am to noon. I will come in and work alone until 6pm.

    This means no baseball games. I won't be there after school. I'll get home about 1am and IF I went directly to bed and fell asleep, I would have to get up and bring difficult child to school. Then get ready and head back to work. Less sleep.

    I would rather work 6pm - 6am.

    What if I get sick? I am alone I just can't leave the data center. It must be manned 24/7. What if there is an emergency? What if school calls? i can't leave. And what happens when the person that works the opposite days that I do, what happens when they take vacation? Will I be expected to cover? Because if that is what is expected then I really don't get vacation. I would be working all of the other's vacation and vice versa. What if I am sick? There is NOBODY. My current partner is 32 years old. Worked here since he was 18. He has had 3 surgeries a year since I have been here. Then takes the 6 weeks recovery time. He is a single father with an autistic child. He has two kids 6 and 11. By the end of January he had used all his sick time. By the end of April he had used all his vacation time. He leaves early and still doesn't come in(such as this past week). I work alone. But it is Midnight....

    In the summer, difficult child sleeps until noon. I get home about 1pm and I am there. Even if I go to sleep, I am there. Now when my hours switch I won't see him. It is awful. He hated when I worked second shift. That is when he started middle school and he got in with a bad crowd and some very bad activities. I felt very guilty for not being there.

    Grrrrr. Sad. I don't know how to feel. I absolutely hate those hours. But, I have a job. That's a plus. Afraid of the affects of these hours.
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    Only 2 years - you have little obligation to them especially since they just pulled this major life change without even asking you. I would start looking elsewhere while you still have this job.
  3. Lothlorien

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    I think I would be looking elsewhere as well. I'm sorry. Can you ask one of the contractors if they would switch with you?
  4. Abbey

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    That stinks. I guess people don't realize what family means these days.

  5. KTMom91

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    I'm so sorry, Kj. I would also start looking for something else. Many hugs.
  6. Shari

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    Definitely be looking. So sorry.