Myths and Facts About Food and Nutrition After 50!!!! (article)


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Now I don't know if a doctor wrote this or Joe IDontReallyKnow, but I thought it was helpful and common sense about nutrition and eating after 50. I like that it included 50 because most of you are 50 plus. This is actually close to what I try to eat like. Not perfect because I believe it's okay to splurge or cheat, but I do want to be able to, as Elsi said, walk well and not be overly heavy, which can hamper things as you age.

I thought I'd share it and it's fair game for being up for discussion, disagreement, agreement or just talk.


Myths & Facts About Food After 60
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my husband and I have been dismayed that WW was no longer working for us. So, we quit.

We recently had a heart to heart talk on what we know works for us. Like Oprah sometime says “What I know for sure.”

He made a daily record chart for each of us that we do privately. He weighs daily and records. I weigh almost daily and then record. And a weekly record chart with a space for notes.

We will weigh each Saturday morning and record on our perspective form. The note space is for personal comments. What helped, hurt, foods that we liked , good choices made etc. The Saturday weigh in is the main one that will allow us to see how we are doing.

We mostly are doing portion control and leaning toward healthy eating. We figured out a reasonable calorie portion for each of us consulting various charts from professional sites and giving it some thought. We are using Fit Day for calorie counting.

We are cooking more at home. I am trying to avoid sugar and flour as there is discussion of these things benefitting folks with autoimmune conditions like I suffer from.(I should say the avoidance of these things benefitting those with autoimmune diseases).

We are walking in the neighborhood every other day. When the weather gets too hot , we will go to the gym instead. Same with rain.

We’ve had a tremendous week. Tomorrow will be a good weighin.

We’ve decided to support one another and get this done.

Fingers crossed.

I think we were both tired of going in circles.

We both have health conditions (high blood pressure as an example) that make being overweight particularly problematic. We don’t have a huge amount to lose , but enough that if we didn’t put our foot down it would get out of control.
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