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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by maril, Dec 8, 2008.

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    One of the requirements of the partial program my son is involved in is that he attend a certain number of AA or NA meetings. We have a meeting list booklet from NA handy. He has attended no NA or AA meetings to this point; however, he does continue three days a week with the partial program.

    I have seen multiple times posted that going to AA or NA meetings will be helpful to family members of those that are involved in substance abuse. I am seeking support and would like to go to a meeting. I wonder if anyone would like to share how these meetings have been of benefit to them or someone close to them?

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    You can go to open NA or AA meetings, but they are really for the addicted person. Al-Anon or Nar-Anon are groups specifically for family or people close to the addict. They offer help in taking a step back from your situation and seeing what you can and cannot do in the situation vs what is the addict's responsibility. The groups are focused on you, not the addict - they help you regain your life. The people there are all in the same general situation so there's lots of empathy. Most people find the meetings very very helpful.
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    Thanks for clarifying that and for your help. I searched and found a website containing information about as well as meeting locations for NAR-ANON in my area; one is less than two miles from my house, so I may check it out. Anyway, I bookmarked the website.
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    Just a suggestion-

    Al-Alnon meetings are more prevalent and more heavily attended than Nar Anon meetings. The message is the same, to help parents and families deal with regaining control over their lives while understanding that they have no control over the addict. You could apply what you hear at AlAlnon meetings to any addiction your child has. Even if your child prefers NA meetings - and he might because the clientelle is gernerally younger - you might find better support at the AlAnon meetings that the NarAnon meetings.

    I do hope your son starts attending his meetings. I know that they saved my hide (5 years sober and counting)...
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    Thanks, BBK. I searched online and found a list of meeting information for the local Al-Anon district and there are many locations where meetings are held. Three of those are locations with open meetings and the rest are closed meetings. I will check into this further.

    You have been very helpful.
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    I have attended many Al Anon meetings in my life. My name is Susie and I am the grandchild and sister of alcoholics.

    It really does have an impact on your life if even your grandparents were alcoholics. Your parents developed certain behaviors to cope with their parents, and then you learned those behaviors from them.

    Going to Al Anon or Nar Anon is a way to become more emotionally healthy. To develop better coping skills for life. There are groups just for Adult Children of Alcoholics, and if you have the privilege of being an Adult Child or Grandchild, I suggest you try those meetings in addition to the regular Al-Anon meetings.

    It isn't a quick fix. It really does take time, but you learn how to cope, how to change your reactions so that you are no longer hostage to the addiction that a family member has.

    I hope you go to several different groups until you find the one you really "click" with. It is an AWESOME source of support.
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    Inspiring and hopeful! Thank you, susiestar.
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    I've been told by my therapist that I might get a lot of benefit out of attending an Al-Anon meeting as well, so that I don't continue toenable both of my older teen kids.

    I'm impressed that you've taken the step of looking up meetings, I'm right behind you.

    Let's hope this gives us the strength to parent in a way that helps our kids accept their responsibilities.

    Wishing you the best and continued strength...
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    Thanks very much for your wishes and support! I want so much to be supportive of my son and, at the same time, try to not enable him. Sometimes, that is tough for me.

    At the partial program my son attends, there is family night, which I have found to be enlightening and a glimpse into the world of adolescents and substance abuse. He is okay with me being there and does participate as well. That time spent is helpful, but I realize I would benefit from attending Al-Anon, too.

    Good luck in your quest to guide your kids. This parenting job is a challenging one!
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    Alanon has been so good for me. I have never attended a Narconon meeting even though my son has abused pills for years. I have been attending Alanon for about 4 or 5 years and find it so helpful. these people are like my family and I look forward to it every Monday. I find it helps me have hope and concentrate on myself. I hope you find the same.
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    That is great to hear, and I am happy for you. It certainly is encouraging! I am hopeful and also appreciate all the support and input from everyone regarding this thread!