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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nerfherder, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Hi! I don't usually post on this forum but I wanted to pass something along.

    The Nabi Tablet is tough. How tough? Yesterday the 2 Year Old Baby Viking threw her big brother's Nabi across the room - hardwood floor not carpet. And it bounced, and it's fine. It's really *that* tough.

    I've applied for a Nabi for Kiddo through this program, no idea if/when I'll get one - but I may go ahead and budget for the special $99 Inspire (special price for autism families) if Kiddo's not approved for the free one.

    They want to raise the funds to give away 10,000 of these by the end of the year to kids with autism. When you apply, you'll need to have an attachable file showing proof of your child's autism diagnosis. I took a picture and attached the .jpg of her Autism page from her school records, as I don't have a working scanner and our school won't send electronic files.

    I won't babble about how good it looks, and how much use my housemates' kids are getting out of it - go check out the website for yourself. Enjoy!
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    Nabi is the friggin BOMB and seeing the new tablet out I now know what someone's xmas present is going to I probably also know what someone else's xmas present is going to be with the Nabi jr.

    My Nabi2 gets a workout constantly. Everyone uses it.

    I adore the idea of that laptop computer though...what a great concept.