name your poison


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:smile:Coffee for me! I have a pot in the am, coffee mate cream and raw sugar

Then the first thing done at the shop, put on a pot of coffee. I'm like dreamer, I can't stand old coffee. Fresh is best!

I drink coffee and ice water all day. I have to have something to sip on throughout the day.

I will make a trip to the coffee bean (our version of starbucks) and get a flavored coffee. I really enjoy it but my mainstay is straight maxwell house, no frills

I really don't care for sodas, but sweet iced tea is weak spot.

I LOVE sweet iced tea with real lemon. I try to limit it though


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Deb ~ I forgot to mention that it has to be Dunkin Donut's coffee for me too. We buy two pounds at a time and I keep one bag at school and one bag at home.

Donna ~ We sound exactly alike. The last thing I do each night is set up the coffee pot so it automatically starts in the morning so I can wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

The teacher next door to me kept coming in for a cup of coffee in the morning so I subtly dropped hints about how expensive Dunkin Donuts coffee was so she volunteered to start buying some too and we started alternating bags.

Gotta have my Dunkin in the morning. :rofl:

Now here's the funny part ~ husband is also a coffee drinker but he likes his coffee very strong (and black). I like weaker coffee so we have two coffee pots on the counter. His big one with the thermal carafe which he drinks all morning and my little one.

That way we are both happy.


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I'd like a little coffee with my cream and

I drink coffee most all morning, till about 11-ish. Then water all day and maybe some hot tea in the afternoon.


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Does anyone like those flavored creamers in the milk isle? My husband and boys love them. I love the smell of coffee but cant stand the taste. I love the taste of the creamers...especially the butter pecan, toffee, and the vanilla caramel ones. We also use them to make french toast.



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Every Morning: Coffee with one packet of Swiss Miss cocoa in a large mug with a BIG dollup of cool whip. I called it:Cocoa Coffee.

I only have one cup. However, if I don't have it, I simply don't feel "right" for the rest of the day.

I'm also a regular coke addict. I had to stop drinking it, though. I simply need to cut back on the sugar. I'm a major sugar addict.

Even though I like regular coke, I'm not a big fan of diet coke. Never liked Pepsi, but I do like Pepsi One. So, if I feel I need a soda (in california we call it "soda")I have one of those.

I also LOVE lemonaide. Again, lots of sugar and calories. Minute Maid now has "light" lemonaide. So, I drink that with meals and it's pretty good.

I also try to drink 64 oz of water every day.

As for alcohol, I like Strawberry Margaritas. I know which area restaurants that make good slushy ones without chunks of ice in them and don't taste "mixy".


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Oh I call soda "drink" which I suppose could get me in trouble when I say I want a drink. I guess most folks around here call it soda. Im really not sure. I dont know why I call it drink. Maybe because I drink it? LOL.


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I'm also a Dunkin Donuts addict - I start my day every day with a trip on the way to work for a large french vanilla light and sweet...(i'm working my way down on the sugar so i can say light with 2 sugars please instead). I only have that one coffee a day but i drink water the rest of the time - with every meal. No soda for me - its very rare that i drink it even at a restaurant. husband and I went through a soda phase that was so out of control we quit cold turkey about 5 years ago. (we would go to costco and buy cases and cases of the stuff- it was rediculous).

as for weekends, saturdays the same daughter routine except we install the "I buy you fly" rule which means I'll pay for husband to roll out of bed with bed head to get us coffee so I don't have to :smile: Sundays, I break out my percolator and make up a batch of breakfast blend coffee with light cream (I think it tastes better than half and half) and 2 sugars.

For the occassion when I need an adult beverage, we're both dirty martini drinkers. Vodka only - non of that vermouth nastiness to mess with my vodka. We drink either Belvedere or Tall Blonde vodka which are so smooth. But we aren't real drinkers - we seem to save all our drunken escapades for when we go on vacation to Las Vegas (which is less than 6 weeks and we need it sooo badly. We haven't vacationed together there in over 2 years). But like the saying goes, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" :rofl:



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I, too, am a diet cokeaholic. I drink way too many a day. But, hey, I've given up smoking---leave me one vice.

In the south everything is a coke---even pepsi!


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Pop or soda? That reminds of something that happened in college. As a newly arrived freshman from the great state of New York, I told my roommate from Iowa that I really wanted a soda. Having been there a few days before I arrived, she already knew the layout of Peoria (Illinois) and said she knew where I could get a soda.

So she took me to a local ice cream shop and look puzzled when I ordered a Coke. She thought I meant an ice cream soda because she grew up calling carbonated drinks "pop."

So I adopted calling carbonated drinks "pop" while I lived in the midwest.

Now, down here in Atlanta, everyone just says drink (or coke ~ no matter what you are drinking). And old timers with deep southern accents ask for a "co-cola."



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hmm,, lets see, yes real half and half full fat in my coffeee, and a lil bit of real sugar.
Used to use 2 pots here after I decaffed-----back to just one now.
Also used a 4 cup pot, I loved my lil 4 cup betty crocker percolator. I like perc'ed bettter than Mr Coffees.....but I REALLY like my Bunn.
I have been known to not be able to decide when out if I want to give up my cup of coffee with dinner for a coke, and have ordered both. I do either coke or pepsi.....and for me at home when speaking all those carbonated beverages are called "pop" but I have learned on internet, from a dear friend, not everyone calls it "pop" ALas, when I worked waiting tables here in IL that when people asked for a soda they did not mean ice cream, chocolate syrup, soda water and whip cream......but that is what a soda is here in northern IL.

Once in a blue moon I will drink suntea....I will drink it sweet or not, but husband loves it------sweet and YES he also only likes it if it is already sweet made sweet when it was made, not later.

I cannot have never been able to use non dairy cream, not powedered or liquid, and will skip coffee or drink it black (and then non sweet) if only non dairy is available.

when I first met husband we had a code word for a need to talk-----we said lets have coffee. that has continued thru our 22 years. and usually lets have coffee means not at home, but somewhere else, otherwise my husband cannot stay focused on conversation at hand.


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Well, I can't start the morning without my pot of (decaf) coffee
but for drinking throughout the day and evening, I'm an iced tea person. I make a gallon at least every other day.
As far as pop goes, I'm a Diet Pepsi person but a 12 pack lasts me a couple of months.
And I like a good glass of wine with dinner :smile:but I'm usually watching calories so I skip it unless I go out or have company.