NAMI's 2009 grading of the States!

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    I'm shocked that VA got as high as a C. I did notice that the categories weren't equally weighted and the "full report" says this is regarding mental health for adults. From what I see here, those outside of mental health fields (and some who aren't) still don't believe that mental health issues exist in children and adolescents.
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    Well of course kids don't have Mental Health issues! As if.
    Haven't you figured it out yet? It is all our fault! We caused our kids problem!!! HA HA HA HA
    It likely isn't equally weighted because they can't get equality based on what they would like to grade on... because then all of the states would get F's!!! Hm?
    They have to grade on what all of the states have in common concerning Mental Health. Which obviously isn't much.
    The 10 pillars of High-Quality Mental Health Care, LOL
    As for kids... well that is always sad. Most don't even get treatment half of the time.

    Yeah I guess I didn't think about it, Mods if you want to move this to the WC since this doesn't REALLY focus on our kids. :( Just the state of Mental Health Care.
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    I actually think we've come a long way in recognizing mental health issues in children, at least from when my kids were young. There will always be those nay-sayers... but more and more people are recognizing it. Let's hope that with each generation, it continues to get better.
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    National Grade - D

    What do you even say to that?
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    Health Promotion and Measurement:

    F Financing & Core Treatment/Recovery Services:

    D Consumer & Family Empowerment:

    D Community Integration and Social Inclusion:


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    Does every State have "no child left behind"?? What about FCAT testing for promotions??

    Sounds like good programs for NAMI to enforce. How "you know whattin' sad" is that National report card???? DDD
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    CO - F, B, C, D. We've nothing to be proud of here.
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    Of course kids don't have mental illness. Adult mental illness (ALL of them) just suddenly appear overnight.


    Ok so yes, some kind of do but helloooooooooooooo! Some of them have "indicators" from childhood. (sociopath for example) Why do these so called well educated people refuse to see that kids have mental illness too?
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    One good thing is that this chart is created and posted at all. That means that people are interested, things are being done, things will improve.

    ... just being Pollyanna again ...
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    You are right, LOL but at least if I personally get out my disgust here then I will not feel as disgusted about my States status when I am actually out and about!

    It is true, every word, every bit of research helps. We hopefully can only move forward.
    Having Mental Illness and of course K as well as too many family members. I have seen little change as far as tolerance over the years.
    It kind of ebbs and flows. It goes along OK for a while and then something horrible happens and it involves a person who is Mentally Ill...
    Which then shoves us back down into the dark ages.
    I think makes some Doctors not even want to deal with it.
    Personally it has to be scary, for some doctor's. Mental Illness is so unknown as far as medical issues...
    Why would anyone want to fund research? Or give us better care?
    We end up shooting up people and getting locked up anyway?
    That is how a LOT of people see it.
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    Specifically, I was thinking of the book, WILL THERR EVER BE A MORNING, by Francis Farmer. It made a huge impact on mental health care in the 1950s. It changed the way hospitals and doctors literally tied pts to beds and drugged them and took away their rights.
    That led to a backlash, where all the doors were opened and ill people flooded the streets, with-no dr, no medications, no therapy and no place to live.

    I think we're finally coming back to center, but a wiser center.

    Tangentially, difficult child was watching a show on TV the other day. A woman was in a psychiatric hospital and there was a scene where she was convinced that her husband's life was in danger, so she tried to leave. White-coated thugs grabbed her by the arms and forced her to stay, while the head dr smirked.
    I didn't want difficult child to think that people could really be forced like that and I told him that it was against the law. I said, "This is fiction. Is this The Twilight Zone?"
    He said, "No, Desperate Housewives."
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    That is pretty funny!!!
    Yeah my Step-Mom's sister was in one like that, pretty bad. She ended up committing suicide so as not to go back.
    I do think some are better.
    Maybe I have read too many books! LOL
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    CA has an overall C...
    Health Promotion and Measurement: B
    Financing & Core Treatment/Recovery Services: C
    Consumer & Family Empowerment: D
    Community Integration and Social Inclusion: B

    But in Fresno County, the main 24 hour psychiatric hospital is closed, due to budget cuts; the only hospital that treated adolescents closed about 6 years ago; there are few, if any, child psychiatrists (I know Kaiser has one, but you have to have their insurance to access). I'm sure there's better access to care in the Bay Area and SoCal, but it's 3 hours to the Bay Area, farther to LA.
  17. Overall F. Do you understand why we desperate seek a private option before giving up and loose her to the state?
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    Our State received a D. In '06 we had a B. Quite the drop!