Natural ways to help water behind the ears go away?


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Honestly, I've never had an ear infection in my life, but last week I went to some immediate care doctor because I couldn't hear well and it felt like water swishing in my ears. He said I had fluid behind the ear, gave me Amontillado and it didn't do the trick. The doctor I saw is not known as the best, but I just wanted to take care of this minor problem. I also have a cough and bit of a sore throat but don't feel sick. Tomorrow morning I"m off so I'm going to see my REAL doctor who I trust and is excellent. Until then, anything I can do that you know of to make the water not get worse when I try to sleep? Seems to get clogged up more at night. Any natural way to fight this so I can get a good night's rest? I have to get up at 6 tomorrow and drive to my appointment, which is an hour away, by 7am. Yep. 7am. It was all she had.

Helpful hints?


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My sons' pediatrician told us to use warm compresses to help with earaches when they were little kids. Maybe that would help with the fluid, too.


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Water "behind" the ear? I'm guessing that means in the middle ear. Which isn't going to be water. It will likely be an ear infection.


Fluid behind the eardrum could be due to allergy or infection. Glad you're seeing your doctor. It can take some time to fully clear up depending on how bad it is. No way it drains until infection or allergy clears unless your eardrum ruptures and you don't want that.

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I have been dealing with something similar since mid-January. First, I had to try every natural remedy I know. Then, I had to try to get in to see the doctor. Then, because I had to wait two weeks or go to Urgent Care, I tried every natural remedy I knew, again.

When I finally got in to my doctor, I was given antibiotic ear drops and an oral antibiotic. The problem was compacted ear wax. Ew. After the drops had been used for five days, the ear was lavaged with hot water.

I could hear, again.

The dizziness went away.


Just recently?

The other ear developed the same thing.

I just went through the drops/lavage on Monday.

Yesterday, it plugged, again.

Probably just a little more wax in there, trapping fluid against the eardrum.

Maybe, one more lavage session. Or maybe not. I am to use the drops, which should dissolve the wax. Maybe, it will shed on its own. That is what is supposed to happen, and why I am having one more problem with it, now, after lavage.

But I am so much better.

I have been very sick with this, all winter.

Couldn't hear, couldn't balance as well, my face was swollen, too.

How rotten this is happening to you, too.


Okay, so one natural remedy that did seem to help. Daughter is big into natural healing, and I learned this from her. Cut an onion in half. Put it in the microwave until it is quite warm. Hot, but not hot enough to burn your skin. Wrap the onion in a clean, white washcloth and place the cloth-wrapped onion against the offending ear. The onion fumes, which are antibiotic, and the heat, will melt the wax and clear the impaction.

My ear canals are tilted, apparently, and that is why lavage was required.

The onion did actually give me some comfort. It may be that had I continued to use it every night, it would have helped me.



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Thanks, Cedar and sorry you are dealing with this. You've really been struggling with it for a long time...and balance issues too? Ugh. I hope you heal very quickly've had enough. I've had this since I've been in St. Louis, but figured it would go away. It didn't. Today (at 7am...yikes) I saw my regular doctor and, yeah, it's an ear infection and she put me on a much stronger antibiotic. She told me she has seen four adult ear infections lately and that this is unusual.

Anyhow, Have a full day since I'm off. Wow, I know how the hearing impaired feel now!!! Not fun.