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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Tiredof33, Nov 16, 2012.

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    I have a family member that I was never around because he was in the military. I saw his wife at a few reunions and she always started a ruckus with someone each time.

    They settled in a town very close to me before I moved and my mother told me her doctor's office had threatened to call the police if she didn't leave. She asked my mother for my phone number and I begged her not to give it to her lol!!!

    They are both close to 80 now and she is still causing trouble. They were not invited to the last reunion. They lost touch with the family for about 5 years and no one new where they were.

    They moved back to our small town a few months back and she has already started trouble. My cousin told me she is banned from our one and only pizza place and they will not make deliveries either lol. A PIZZA LOL!!!

    She doesn't drink or use drugs, she is 100% difficult child!!!!
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    Omg, right off the top of my head....I envisioned my ex mother in law!!!! Lololol
  3. Almost 80 and still a difficult child! Wow! LOL. Reminds me of my grandmother. She was a difficult child through and through.

    I can remember when she was in the nursing home and she was quite nasty and sometimes got physically violent - the nurses would say "Oh, that's the dementia. It changes people." My mom would say, "No, she's been like that my whole life." Sad but kinda funny.
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    LOL...we knew my mom got dementia when she became somewhat nicer!
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    OMG, What can an 80-year-old do to get banned from the pizza place? And not even delivered? Funny! She's like that everywhere, even the doctors. office, if you see
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    That's so funny!! My hubby has a very good friend and his wife is exactly like that! Such a difficult child through and through! I can totally picture her being 80 and banned from everywhere! Thanks for the laugh!
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    Oddly, my grandmother was like that too. She actually started getting flirtatious and talking sexy to all men when she turned about 80. She hated women but men were fair She lived right across from her church and they kept finding her inside the rectory trying to seduce the pastor...lmao.

    I had to take her to the doctor one time and I turned my back on her to lay my purse down when the doctor walked in the room and as I turned around, she was taking her shirt of and said "look doctor, I wore my new bra for you" and she proceeded to unroll her boob out of this old bra....lmao
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    Omg Janet!! I am totally cracking up! That's too funny!!!
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    How do you????????? Never mind........(literally........never mind)
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    My bff's mother was always lecturing us on the evils of men and sex when we were teenagers. She is 92 and in a nursing home and the male residents, all 2 of them, are constantly complaing to staff about her going in their rooms at night.
  12. We need some light heartedness like this on here! Janet and Pasajes - so funny!! Thanks for sharing.
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    You know whats bad? Tony swears I am beginning to look and act more like my mother and grandmother every day!