Need a recipe for an easy pink punch

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by muttmeister, Sep 20, 2009.

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    My mother is going to be 95 on Thursday. We are having an open house for her on Sunday. It's going to be fairly simple. I ordered a decorated cake from WalMart and will make a couple of others. We'll have cake and coffee and punch with nuts and mints and that will be it. But I need a good, easy, punch recipe. It seems like somebody had one that was mostly Hawaiian punch and soda water but I don't remember the recipe. Just want something simple. Anybody?
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    I have a great tasting punch that is easy to adapt to any color scheme. you take one can frozen juice drink and 2 - 2liter bottles of sprite (generic is fine). Just let the frozen juice concentrate thaw a bit so it is soft. Then put it in a punch bowl and add the soda. The color of the juice determines the color of the punch.

    white grape-peach juice makes a yellow punch, strawberry, cherry, or purple grape flavors make a pink punch.

    No matter what you choose this tastes wonderful. Even after it goes flat it is pretty good (we had a LOT left over after my bro's wedding. So we saved it to see if it tasted good or would provide good liquid for pancakes or whatever. )

    It is so simple, quick and easy. Not very expensive, though you can add some sherbet to it if you like that look. Just be sure to add some extra sprite to handle the extra sweetness from the sherbet.
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    Raspberry frozen drink mix, sherbert and 7up makes for an easy can always spike it if needed :)
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    Hawaiian Punch and Sprite. If it's not the right color... Add food coloring! LOL

    When I mix up Gatorade for Jett's practices I add food color, like one drop, for variety.
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    In the freezer section of the grocery store they carry green and pink punch (in a large tub like a margarine container). You put the frozen "cube" in the punch bowl and add ginger ale or sprite. Quick and easy! Cut up a nice orange and add the slices for a pretty look.