Need additional jewelry help please!


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So Jumper and i are going to look at engagement/wedding sets Sat. while fiance is duck hunting with family. Obviously in the end, they will pick out the ring/set, but Jumper wants me to look with her.


I have had less interest in jewelry all my life than in sweeping the floor. I never wore any or wanted to. Jumper was the same, losing necklaces etc. But of course she wants a nice ring for her engagement and marriage. This is special and she loves her fiance very much. So....

She is looking to me for guidance on a ring :panicsmiley:. So what is an appropriate ring? When i think of carots I think of rabbit food. What is a reasonable size diamond? Should I just ask the jeweler for help?
We are helping to pay for this. But it has to make my daughter smile. And fiance has to spprove but I think he will be good with anything she likes.


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She should go to Pinterest and search engagement rings. She needs to see what cut of diamond...round, emerald, etc. she may want to have other stones on either side. She should select a couple of styles, then go into a jewelry store and ask to see those types. Some cuts are more expensive than others, even for the same weight.


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Familiarize yourselves with the four C's of diamond buying--cut, color, clarity, carat.

Consider a diamond wholesaler--you can buy a loose diamond/diamonds and buy a setting of your choice to put it in. This is what we did, and paid about half of what we would have paid in the store, after looking at all the options.


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Decide what is most important.

For me, the quality of the diamond mattered most. All diamonds are not alike, by a long shot.


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They should have a budget set and not deviate from that (no financing, cash only preferably).

Then decide whether they want one large diamond or several smaller diamonds. Shop around at many stores for comparison, and don't buy before thinking it over. Take pics of the favorites. Write down prices and quality of diamonds. A bigger diamond will probably cost more than several smaller but equal carats. A better quality diamond will cost more than a lesser quality one.


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That is where color, cut, clarity, and carat come in. Look on the internet for a chart to familiarize yourself.

Every diamond will have that info in its paperwork. They should have all been certified and classified by a third-party jeweler.

The store will have a jewler's loupe or magnifier to look through so that you can see the flaws in the diamond.


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I think the money that one is willing to spend narrows your choices a lot! Or expands them lol.

Agree to look in bride magazines or on line to see what kind of style she may like!


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Just to clarify--the "appropriate" ring is the one you love and can afford. There is no "right" size diamond (too big or too small), no certain style, particular setting.

Doesn't even have to be a diamond.

The most important to thing not to go into debt or spend more than you can afford.

Set a realistic budget and don't go over that amount. Don't even look at more expensive ones.


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My budget is $2000. If THEY want to spend more, they can. My daughter is usually ridiculously sensible and was shocked when I told her most weddings are over $20k. She said, "Not mine!"

So we shall see about the ring.


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Hi SWOT. My daughter got married this past summer. She had a small wedding, under 100 people. Venues will vary state by state. Her small but lovely wedding was over 20K. This included venue, food, drinks, appetizers, desserts, cake, DJ, dress, centerpieces (which I made),photographer, video, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, invitations, guestbooks and I am sure I am forgetting some things. I feel she was smart with her choices and it was perfect. There are a lot of details, of course you can do as much or as little as the bride and groom choose! Good luck!


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Thanks, shauna. I think Jumper is interested in a different type of wedding. Although his family offered to pay too...we will be getting together to tell the kids what the funds will ultimately be. Jumper said that her biggest thing is that they have it in a barn with beautiful scenery outside for awesome pictures. Barn weddings are common here, I learned. There are tons of barns to pick from. And to think I never heard of them six months ago.

Hey, you didnt really think I would raise conventional kids, did you? Lol! Jumper is the more conventional of the

Jumper is a typical country girl. And fiance is a country boy. Makes sense...they both grew up here and both are down home and big nature lovers, hunters, outdoors people, etc. Fiance was raused on acres of land. Country music is music of choice. Yes, i am serious. I even grew to like some country.

But you can sure help me learn about jewelry!!! As you well know, I could probably get a toy diamond ring out of a Cracker Jack box and believe its
Catch me Sunday, if you can! And have a great weekend!
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You have been given good advice about the 4 C's. The better educated you are about these the less likely someone will try and take advantage of you. Take your time and shop around.

Let's say she likes a traditional round cut, 1 carrot, see what different stores charge for the same carrot and quality.

Does she like yellow gold, white gold, platinum.

Before you head out to the stores look online and in magazines to get an idea of what she likes.