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    Jessie is dealing with a lot. I cannot tell what of the physical symptoms are anxiety related, are PTSD from the accident, or are just because there is something going on in her system.

    Her back keeps going out. It has been a struggle to get her to school every day this week. It didn't help to have someone fall on her. But there is no swelling on her back that I can see. She yelps and cries if I even lightly touch her back though. It really does seem sore.

    I have an appointment in 2 weeks with a therapist for her. And I am thinking about an appointment with a pediatrician rheumatologist or other specialist to try to figure this out.

    The orthopedic doctor was not much help. So that avenue is not one to try again (we saw 2 about her knee - the second was better, but didn't address the back issues).

    Jess just has somehting sprained, strained or in pain almost every week. She has had ONE week of school so far where she went every day and stayed all day. Today will make week 2 since early August!

    I don't think our pediatrician is much help. I really think something is going on. Any suggestions on a type of specialist to look for? I know some of hte falls are due to the epilepsy, and she has one more medication increase before we see the pediatrician neuro again. That is in Nov (the neuro visit).

    So a rheumatologist? Some other specialist? Ignore it and keep pushing her to go to school? Try to get homebound (our district says this is impossible, but we can homeschool. So it will take pushing, big time), or homeschool? I do NOT want to homeschool. I want to clear up these issues this year so she can enter high school and have as few problems as possible.

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    I'm not sure who you'd see in that case. I guess I'd ask the t-doctor for suggestions.
    When I had a tendon tear that no one seemed to be able to fix (years ago), I ended up writing a letter, making 50 copies, and sending it out to doctors across the state. I got several replies back and one even gave me the answers I needed. I guess in a case like this, I'd be tempted to do that again (I've toyed with the idea for difficult child 2, as well).
    Poor Jess. She just really didn't need that accident this year. Give her an extra hug from me.
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    Could be muscle related. Jesse's been banged up alot here recently. I'm not surprised she's sore. Depends on how person/ladder landed on her, how she landed on whether or not something else could've been hurt wrenched pulled in her back. Not all injuries (especially the back) cause swelling. Heck, not even all of them cause bruising.

    I got cocky in my hs days and decided to do the chinese splits on skates. (something I do know how to do) But went to the floor too darn fast and ripped the bejebies outta my groin muscles. Literally crawled to the nurses office dragging one leg behind me. (not one of my better moments)

    Now I could move the leg left and right with no pain. Forward and backward would make me scream and bawl like a baby. No discoloration at all. No swelling at all. Just had to be on crutches for 3 weeks until it finally healed properly. muscles tendons and ligaments can take a long time to heal depending on how badly they were strained/torn.

    I'd have a hard time telling what's what with her too. She's been thru so much here lately.

    You could try a rheumatologist. I know the one Nichole saw gave her one heck of an exam and took some mighty awesome xrays. So even if that's not the issue you'd know she had been really checked out well.