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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by chrisdog01, May 12, 2008.

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    I need some advice. In January of 2007 my husband and I booked a cruise for July 2008 for us and the 2 kids (difficult child N and our daughter the easy child). When we booked the trip we considered there would be a chance that N would not want to go with us as he would be 18 years old by then and the cruise was on Disney Cruise Line (which he might be too cool for). Anyway, now that N is being a total pain in the rear, I don’t want to reward his behavior by taking him on this trip. If we cancel him by the end of this month, we get all but our deposit back, which I would like to use for shipboard credit. But then we have the concern about N will do while we are gone. I wouldn’t let him stay in the house (if he’s still living with us), but I can’t board up the doggy/kitty door for our cat. We send the dogs to a kennel, but our cat stays home and we have a friend come by and feed him (the kitty is kind of old). I am concerned that N will come into our house through the doggy door (which he has done several times before), and then who knows what will happen. If we lock the door, then the kitty can’t get in or out and that won’t go well either.

    I guess I’d love to drop N off in some far away town while we are gone so we know the house is safe when we get back. Is that an option???? Since he’s an adult it’s not really abandonment, right?;)
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    If your kitty is litter trained, block the door and kitty can use the litter box while you are away.

    If your kitty isn't litter trained........train it quick! ;)

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    Does N have a parole officer that he needs to check in with because he is on probation? If so make sure the officer is aware of your concerns. The officer may have some suggestions.
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    I've heard of a doggy door that can only be opened by the magnetized collar of the dog (or cat). It's used for improved home security.

    What a shame that your adult difficult child has you worrying over your vacation plans. Who would ever think that we have to protect ourselves from our own children? Is it really impossible for the cat to be boarded? Even with a trusted friend? You have the right idea about cancelling his ticket and using it as a shipboard credit. Don't let your difficult child spoil any more family plans.
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    If the kitty is litter trained, it won't hurt him/her to be inside for a week if you block the door (unless you're worried about kitty retaliation). If that's not an option, If you can afford it, I'd go ahead and board the cat (I used to board my cat because she was diabetic and needed a daily insulin shot). Then you can lock up the doggie/kitty door and not worry about it.