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    hello,I have not been here in a long time.let me update you.i have a son who is now 7.He has been on medications since he was 4.he has adhd,odd and a mood disorder.I had him on focalin last school year and depokote.then he was so violent and just not him I took himoff everything cause I heard that if you have a mood disorderand you take stimulants that could make the moods worse.So I took him of everything and enrolled him in karate over the summer with no medications.except tenex.he takes 1 millagram a day.(when he start taking that all the cussing stoped)after about 2 weeks the threats stoped the crazy talking was unbelievable.he was still hyper as the energizer bunny and he still had behavior promblems but it was better then where he was.then school started.well he could not sit still constally bothering other children.well last month I gave in and put him back on the fokalin.and all those behaviors that I said good buy to last summer came back.I was like no way we are not going there again.So the doctor suggested abilify,can anyone tell me if they have excpeince with it and what they doctor said it could help with his aggression and moods he has been having.and what kind of side effexts have you seen.I read what the papers say about but would like to know what parents have to say about it.thank you all very much
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    Hi There!

    I'm sorry, I don't have any experience with Abilify...but I did want to say hello and welcome to the group!

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    I also wanted to welcome you. No abilify experience, just lots of empathy and understanding. Glad you found us. My difficult child is on tenex also. It takes the edge off but is by no means "the answer" to anything. I do know that if he has a mood disorder the priority is getting him stable before trying anything else. Others will come along soon that know more than I do.

    Oh and you might want to put together a signature like I have below :)

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    thank you.I know that there is no miacle drug out there I wish there was.I hate to have to put my baby through this.I always think I did something wrong and it took me sometime but I found out it is just who he is and that I love him no matter what
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    Krisma, I do not know about this drug.
    have you tried massage therapy for your boy? I took a course in massage therapy when my son was a baby and he took to it right away. Relaxation is learned behavior and for a child who is wrestling with intensities it may offer (oh pardon the pun) hands on relief and internalize a message of calm.
    In session two he 'assumed the position' and the attitude, which is what anybody learns in repeat sessions. It lent to bedtime habits that made the transittion to sleep easier for him. Writing on his back, or on his hand, or softly massaging his feet.
    This is not the answer to all the problems, it is a means of engaging him in the behavior that will help him in life. it is learned behavior. We learn how to relax.
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    Abilify has worked well for my daughter. There is a large thread about this at CABF right now (Child and Adolscnt Bippolar Foundation). She is on 15 in the morning and mood stabilizer Lactimal at night. I am very into natural stuff but not medicating only made it worse for my daughter. Comapssion
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    Have you had a neuropsychologist test done on difficult child? If your insurance covers it or you are interested in looking into it I am in your area and can reccomend someone.
    My difficult child is being tested next week and I really like the neuro doctor. If you would like his information then pm me and I will send you the office information.
    Good luck and welcome to the board.