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  1. mstang67chic

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    I can pay a little for this but....I need something drawn. And so you know up front it is going to be a tattoo.

    As many of you know, my uncle passed away earlier this year. He and I were only 5 years apart and more like brother and sister. I miss him terribly. Anyhoo....I have a tattoo planned for him but I can't draw more than a stick figure. What I need is the name JOE sketched out but NOT with letters. The J is to be the hi hat from a drum set (cymbals, stand and pedal), the O is the bass drum and the E (capital) made out of drum sticks. The E is the one that will be the hardest I think. Picturing it in my mind, I think there will be a very fine line between looking like they are actually drum sticks and looking like mutant, um, male members. :916blusher:

    So, can anyone do this or know someone who can? Black and white is fine for now. The only color I want specifically will be on the O. He was a drummer (hence the design) and when I have it done, the drum will be the same color as his drums. For the sketch though, that can come later.
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    I would check around with the tatoo places there and find one that does custom work. Preferably the person will have fine art or formal art training. You want to see pictures of some of their work - the good tatoo artists have a portfolio of their work for you to see.

    They should be able to do a sketch for you from your description as part of the cost of doing the tatoo.

    Sorry for your loss.
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  3. TerryJ2

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    Hmm. I can draw, but I have never drawn for a tattoo. Is it specific in regard to line thickness or anything? I'll have to Google tattoo art ...
  4. Shari

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    Check with DaisyFace, too.

    I have been thinking about a tattoo, also. But I don't have any ideas yet. I think yours is very neat!
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  5. InsaneCdn

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    Hint on the drumsticks... they only have TWO, but you could get away with... two drumsticks and a swish stick (the brush-type thingy that I forget the real name of) as the horizontal lines, and perhaps running off the upright of some other part of the drum kit...
  6. Hound dog

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    The tat places here they'd sketch it on paper per directions with you adding input, then when it met your approval, they'd do the tat. Well, they used to.....we've got some new guys in the area, not sure how talented they are. One is exceptional, others not so much.

    Nichole comes up with her own tats. The stars along her collarbone........well, would've been great except that the guy was just starting out and fibbed a bit about his experience. She's since had it corrected, embellished and it looks nice. When she went for the Lilly on her leg (her drawing) she went to the exceptional guy and had it done right the first time. It's beautiful.

    You've come up with a unique idea. Doesn't sound too hard to pull off, although I've never attempted to draw anything for a tat.
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    I agree that most upscale tattoo parlors have artists with degrees, believe it or not. The place my daughters and I have gone to? All of them (5) except one guy have degrees in fine arts. The one who doesn't is the owner and yet, he is a master! easy child designed a beautiful family tree of sorts for her side with symbols for everyone in her family (H, exh, me, and difficult child and my mom) and this guy was able to take it, tweak it to her descriptions and My God - it is a stunner. As in, when people see it, they have to catch their breath, it is just amazingly beautiful and so well done. Likewise, I created my own for my shoulder and it came out just as I wanted it. And difficult child has designed two of hers and they also came out great. One of hers was done by an amateur, according to her instructions, but it it horrible - the lines are horrible. She intends on having that one fixed (it's at the base of her neck in back - hair usually covers it, thank God). There are a lot of parlors out there and it pays to pay the big dollars if you're working with professionals. You can even visit a few and get a feel for the house artists and see them in action. Most places, if you tell them you're shopping around, will allow you to view their work as it's being done as well as their portfolios.

    So, I suggest you start shopping tattoo parlors and find one that fits your needs.
  8. DaisyFace

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Shari!

    But as an artist, I would say to work with the person who will actually be doing the tattoo. Otherwise, their own artistic abilities will be restricted as they try to copy or trace someone else's drawing. A good tattoo artist will work with you to get the image exactly the way you want it - and advise you as to what will work best in the body location you have in mind.

    Good luck!