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    Cousin P was bitten and scratched by her cat again on Sunday. He is an orange tabby and very, very smart, and bored silly, living in that one room with her in assisted living. She has not trained him at all. She ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics (I'll post a separate note about that) and I want to rehome him. He does not get along with-other cats (he's never had to; I tried with-my cats, and with-another friendly cat at assisted living, and I just don't have the time or patience to socialize him more). He gets along fine with-humans. And he is very funny, opening doors and jumping all over. He should be on YouTube.
    Meanwhile, since Cousin P went to the ER, we had to fill out a form for the health dept, and they are going to come calling. He will be quanantined for 10 days, which is fine ... but I am sick of all the little scratches and tiny infections, and this time, a huge, major league infection--her skin is as thin as tissue paper--and need to know how to re-home him to a qualified home. That is, no other cats, no babies, someone who has time to train him.
    I hate to have him put down; he is much friendlier than her last cat, which had to be put down. And frankly, it was her fault. She's just too old to have an animal. It's going to be a huge emotional scene with-her in a few wks, but in all fairness, all animals have to be socialized and trained.
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    ooops that was CAT not CATS ...
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    When you post him, or look into rescues ect, just specify it has to be with NO animals and NO young children. I'd imagine there would be lots of people who would want him, regardless.

    Nichole had toyed with the idea of taking Bruce home with her until she remembered that Bruce hates other cats. I think it's a fear thing from having been tossed out as a kitten to fend for himself. Other cats in the neighborhood were not so kind to him. Dogs he'll get used to. Cats? Only one was Figaro and that took forever. I was fostering her. Then Nichole adopted her from me.
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    I would likely post an ad. Before anyone could take the cat, I would call animal control and the humane society and make sure they were not known hoarders. Our animal control and humane society are more than happy to do this and are thrilled when people call to check because it means they are being responsible. You can also call rescue groups. Just make sure the family has older kids, if any, and that it isn't a hoarding situation. It took 4 offers to take a bird we couldn't keep before I found someone who wasn't a hoarder - you would be shocked at how many there are out there!
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    Wow. Thanks for the info. Wouldn't have thought of that!
    I am so glad that the quarantine is 10 days, and the Health Dept hasn't called yet. That gives me breathing room through the holidays.