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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, May 26, 2008.

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    One of my cousins passed away Friday night. I hadn't seen her in about 20 years, but still, she was family and I adore her Mom (my aunt). She died because she was partially disabled and couldn't walk well and was on an oxygen tank, in her bedroom on the 2nd floor of a townhouse when apparently there was an electrical short. Her bro. was on the phone with her when he heard her scream and the phone went dead. He called police to go check, they found a fire and called firemen. Firemen went in and found her dead at the top of the stairway.

    That is more information then anyone needed, I guess. My question is, since her Mom asked for flowers because she was concerned that not many people would send flowers for the funeral and grave site, what kind and color should I order for this? My aunt (obviously a different aunt) passed away last year- I had food delivered to the home. My aunt (this cousin's Mom) didn't want food and asked that nothing be sent that she needed to take home as a reminder. (She is kind of in shock.) Before that, when my grandmother passed away, I sent white lillies.

    Suggestions? Let's just say, my cousin was no saint, but, she wasn't so bad either. Never married, no children, just did her own thing. Very close to her Mom and bro.

    PS I just need to order them some time tonight- I can do it online.
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    If you call a florist, they would be extremely helpful with this. They are most knowledgable with these things. You can call your local florist and they ususally are set up to deal with florists outside the area. Or you can call like a 1800 flowers kind of place. They can help you decide on what type of flowers and the type of arrangement based on the price you are willing to pay.

    I'm sorry about your cousin. It sounds awful.
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    I am sorry about your cousin. I would also ask the florist if I didn't know what kind the deceased liked.

    Hugs and prayers,
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    OK, I'm looking online (sorry- I don't have time to go to floral shop tomorrow) and I see arrangements with stargazer lillies with a couple of other "soft" looking flowers - how's that?
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    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, how difficult this must be for her brother and mother. Stargazer lilies are beautiful. I usually just browse and pick something I think the deceased and immediate family would like.
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    Stargazers....also called oriental lillies are my favorite flowers. I'm pretty partial to those!
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    Thanks, Ladies! Her Mom is so strong yet so Humble at the same time- I just didn't want to do anything that could be interpreted differently than what I meant it- I don't really know what my cousin liked as far as flowers or colors. ReaLLY, she was not so nice to me but I always had a feeling that she had bigger problems than me so I never took it personal. MY family is pretty wierd and has had a lot of problems. I think there have been a lot of difficult child's. Still, as best as I know, she might have been a difficult child in her own right but she never hurt anyone or was violent or aggressive and I guess, I think she deserves a little reognition. And her Mom, GEEZ- she has had a really hard life.

    From what I hear from my mother- her bro. is just crushed. They were always much closer than most siblings. He is living with his common-law wife, but has always been very close to his sister- I guess because they were close in age.
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    And I would like to add a side note- as someone who has seen this first hand and as an architect- if you have ANY kind of slight disability- move to a place where your bedroom is on the main floor. It is astonishing how many people are lost because they cannot get out of their house. I don't care how nice the house is- I keep stressing this to my Mom- it is not worth it. If you cannot run to your front door, then move to a place where you can.
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    Amen K....

    I am so sorry about your cousin. Prayers are going out for her and her family. I think no matter what flowers you send they will be perfect because they come from your heart.

    On the housing front, I am so with you on that too. I always thought I would have loved to have had a nice split level house one day. I think someone was looking out for me when it was decided that I was just too poor to own anything but a doublewide mobile With my health conditions now I couldnt handle stairs if my life depended on it. Jamie just bought a 3 story condo and one of the biggest selling points for him was that he could turn the basement into a full apartment complete with a bathroom and small kitchen. The added bonus is that I dont have to use the stairs to get up to the main area of the house. There is a small back yard and I can walk from back there to the front door to come in. No steps. The laundry room is even down The boy is thinking ahead.
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    I am so sorry about your cousin. So sad. Hugs for you and your aunt.
    You've gotten some good ideas for flowers, and as you said, the florist can help, too.
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    Hugs to you, K.

    I always wondered about flowers at a funeral. I know some are nice, but they wilt in a few days and it's a reminder of what has gone.

    Have you thought about buying her a star? We did this for Pico. I can still pick it out on any given night.