Need gift ideas for four yr old BOY


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Need birthday gift for four year old boy. He happens to be adopted.
As a side note...his mom has a bio child, older sister.
Now, his mom is pregnant.
So, he will be the middle child.
Hence, middle adopted child between two bios. I have my concerns.
Would like to get him a nice, fun present for his birthday. I'm clueless re: what is good for a 4 y.o. Boy.


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Something that moves and makes noise and keeps him active. Remote controls are expensive, so I'd suggest something he can do manually.
Walk through Toys R Us or Target and you'll be amazed.
I want to buy half the toys for myself!
The toys get a bit more sophisticated as the child matures, of course. So I would not suggest a Little People set unless he's spec needs.
My son had problems with-fine motor control for many years, and couldn't even hook a truck and trailer together until he was in about 3rd grade. Which was the same time he learned to tie his shoes.

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Does his mom have any suggestions?

I am so without a clue about what kids are into these days that we just send money.

You can make the card as special as you like, though. He is only four, so things like stickers that match a talking card would be good. I also look up jokes for kids online. I write the good ones in the kids' cards.

When the kids are old enough?

I write the punchlines in code.

You have to provide the code, so I just use that one where you do the alphabet backwards.



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My grandson is five now and for at least the last two years he's been obsessed with the characters he sees on the kids TV shows and movies. And super heroes! For at least a year he was totally in to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Now it's Batman. And Ninja Turtles! And Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a kids TV show. He's in kindergarten now and at recess all the little boys are out there playing pirates. And all boys that age love the action figures, especially the Transformer types. But I always ask what he's currently in to before I buy him gifts because it can change practically overnight.


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Nomad, I have a 5 year old nephew ad they love super heroes at that age! Sounds like ninja or transformers it will be! You will be shocked when you go into Target or Toys R Us and see the those sections!