Need good thoughts for Tigger

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Tigger is home today because the bullying has gotten so bad at school. The school team is meeting with the bullies today (the other boys in his Special Education room) and telling them that they will no longer get their 5-steps to a consequence wrt to this. Verbal bullying is being put into the same category as physical bullying and will get an immediate consequence.

    Tigger has 3 classes outside the ED room without any other ED kid and gym and lunch outside the ED room but with the other ED boys. I've called for an IEP meeting to add mainstream Art to his schedule. It sounds like the school will agree. That would put him 45% of the week completely away from these boys and 15% of the day mainstreamed with the other boys in the same room. Please send good thoughts and prayers that the IEP team agrees, that he is successful in Art and that we can add another mainstream class in February and one more in March and a final one in April. That would leave him in the ED room just 95 minutes every other day plus 20 minutes every day (and he'd get his individual social work and individual speech therapy during that time so that'd take up close to half of those minutes.)

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this go well!!!!!
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    Geez....bullying is such a problem these days. I'll hold many good thoughts for him and hope things get turned around soon!
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    Poor Tigger! That kind of bullying is the WORST! I hope the school gets a plan together immediately and actually enforces it to the letter!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for him...
  4. AnnieO

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    Argh, poor Tigger! I'm glad the school is doing something. :hugs: for him, and YOU - and I'm sending all kinds of warm, happy, GOOD thoughts too!
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    It's a good thing the school is handling this appropriately. Sending good vibes that everything works out the way it should for Tigger.
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    PRAYING!!!! I so feel for him, as you know. I commend you for not busting into the school and beating the boys up - I know I would want to!!!
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    Fingers crossed that the IEP meeting goes as it should. Sending warm caring thoughts to Tigger and Tigger's Mommy. Hugs. DDD
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    Saying prayers for Tigger! Please give him a hug from this board Auntie.
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    Oh Tigger, so not fun! No child should have to be afraid to go to school, I spent months like that in middle school, being told I was going to be killed on my walk home. It happened because I stood up for a student with cognitive delays who was being beaten up. they say to stand up to bullies and I was threatened for three full years. I am sending tons of energy your way for a good outcome to the schedule changes and that the boys will learn a lesson and stop all this.
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    Sending good thoughts.