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    I have not been on here in years! To make a very long story short difficult child has been living in Tx since 2006 has 2 children and is divorced. She has been clean some but on rx pills etc too.
    She has many legal problems and got arrested at Tgiving for trying to get pills with fraudulent rx. She was on probation at the time in a diff county in tx. Anyway she began a fast spiral down and no matter what we tried we cld not get her arrested or picked up for a psychiatric hold. Her problem officer wanted her safe and not running so we brought her to tn on dec 7. We had been detached and had not seen her in over a yr. Her po knows she is here and has no problem with it. We dont want her back to tx until she cant get bailed out. ANYWAY both po and all of us agree she needs to be confined but in a tx prog not just jail. She will commit the same crimes wo tx. She did gr8 in a long term rehab of 8 months in 2005. That drained us $$$$wise so what options do the tx legal system offer? I heard of the in jail one but nothing else. Justice is truly slow bc wmson co does not even have the info yet from the other co yet from Nov!!!! Any info appreciated!
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    Yikes... I'm in TX but have little to no experience when it comes to substance abuse and/or laws and what-not. And, Williamson County is known for being especially difficult and rigid. I really wish I had more help for you!
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    I can't help but wonder where her kids are during all this and how they are doing? If she needs you to help her with them and getting treatment TX is just too far away!

    Are there any inpatient programs near you where they can deal with dual diagnoses? She doesn't just need rehab she needs a place that will deal with the addiction issues but also whatever underlying condition she is self medicating for.

    Glad you found your way back to this site, I recently returned after a long absence - unfortunately this isn't a sprint it's a marathon.

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    I live in TX and I do know you can get a court ordered rehab if she has violated probation. My son has a warrant out for violation (not showing up EVER)and when or if they ever find him to arrest him I am going to speak to the PO and the DA to see if they can give him court ordered rehab since I can't get him to agree to go. That is really all the information I have. Once they have an arrest warrant out for her you can do a non arrest bond and a court date will be set. Wish I had more helpful information for you.
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