need help with a letter please!! :)

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Jena, Feb 1, 2009.

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    so, i have to send in a letter requesting that difficult child get an iep in place, yet stating if possible she not be evaluated in order to do so.

    School normally evaluates if child is being reffered for Special Education services here in new york. Yet i'd like to write it in a way in which states to avoid re testing.

    any ideas???
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    I think if she has been evaluated and tested and received a diagnosis by a psychiatrist recently (and you have documentation of all this) that you can request (in writing) that she be evaluated for an IEP and that they accept your reports/evaluation's on her. If they start this process but act like they don't want to accept the parent-provided evaluation's, tell them they are welcome to go thru that process and expense themselves if they'd like, at least that's what I did. At that point, they decided to accept it. They did put difficult child on an IEP, but they have never really given much weight (or even read) all that I provided from the private evaluation's- even his neuropsychologist results.
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    yea im doubling down. had sent first set of everything in, cover letter, evaluations yet i recvd. more and had to forward. i just wanted to send a letter stating hey dont' be testing my little person again!!! :)

    I revised letter cleaned it up and printed it out. i'm dropping off addtl evaluations in the a.m. on the way to work. the Special Education coordinator in my district is great and really nice, the schools a bunch of pita's yet she's wonderful. we had spoken not so long ago and she said i don't want to put difficult child thru that if we can avoid it.
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    An "evaluation" doesn't necessarily mean the SD will test your difficult child again. If you have recent testing, the SD may very well accept that as the "evaluation."

    Here's the text of the letter I sent to our SD to start the IEP process for my younger daughter M:

    We suspect that our daughter, M, has a disability based on continued academic struggles and recent psychological and educational testing that we will provide to XXX Schoool under separate cover. As a result, we are requesting that a full and initial evaluation in accordance with IDEA be conducted to determine if M is eligible for special education and related services.

    This letter serves as parental consent for the evaluation. If additional information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    My daughter M did not undergo further testing by the SD.
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    cool, thanks!!! :)
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    As smallwood said, the sd may use your evaluations, however, the sd has the right to evaluate. If you deny it, no IEP.