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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, May 31, 2008.

  1. DammitJanet

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    Ok...I know we have tons of moms with little girls so Im coming to the experts.

    Keyana is turning two next week and I am trying to decide what to get her for her birthday. Now we all know I will spoil her rotten and get her tons of stuff so give me some ideas of things that are huge hits with the 2 to 3 year old crowd.

    She really cant dress herself yet so I dont think dress up clothes would work. She adores baby dolls so I know something along that line is on the list. She is also incredibly into music and appears to be able to attempt to sing and carry a tune - can we say a future American Idol here? LOL. I have tried the big duplo blocks and she just isnt interested yet.

    Ok Moms...let me have the favs!
  2. Abbey

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    I just bought a gift for my God neice who turned two. It is the coolest thing. It's a little stand that they can make a lake out of it with all kinds of things they can put in it. It's called a Playschool WaterWheel Play station. Found it at Target. Only $30, which was good!

  3. house of cards

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    My little one loves any play cell phone, I had a cute little "first purse" that she loved as well with fake lipstick, mirror, get the idea.
  4. KTMom91

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    Things with faces are always good, like the Fisher-Price people, because they also have buses and cars and a farm and a zoo and a garage and and and...they're easy to hold on to so she can make them go where she wants them to go.

    When you get to the dress up stage, check out thrift stores. Miss KT had tons of prom dresses because I went crazy at the Goodwill. The one I remember best is a purple satin with black lace on it.

    Another thing Miss KT just loved at that age was a children's dictionary that had photographs instead of drawings, with the word underneath. The photos just fascinated her.
  5. Hound dog

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    I can tell you what the hit with Aubrey was, even though her birthday greatly resembled xmas as far as gifts go...........

    The Fisher Price My First Doll House in the preschool section. Aubrey got it for her birthday a couple of weeks ago and has yet to stop playing with it all darn day. But if you get it, make sure to look for the accesory furniture sets that come with it. They make all the difference.
  6. DammitJanet

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    Lisa...I think you may have just hit on the perfect main gift! My dad always sends me a check to get her something because he is just not much able to get out and figure out what to buy I think I will get her this from him...unless he actually asks me what to get
  7. amazeofgrace

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    I love Lee Middleton dolls and when my neices turned two i got them the special newborn ones made for kids to play with.

    Dress up clothes did pop into mind, but if she's too young you could just get her some tu tu's, boas and hats and stuff. Disney always has some stuff and Target too.
  8. flutterbee

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    Wynter has always loved dolls and all that goes with them. But when she was 2, her *favorite* present was a little toy shopping cart that came with "groceries". She pushed that thing around everywhere putting things in it.

    Of course, it was assembly required. I recommend you read the instructions very carefully.
  9. tryinghard

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    I vote for the "My first purse" and the "my first doll house". I think they are both by Fisher Price and my daughter LOVED them both and played with them every day for about six months.
  10. hearts and roses

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    When easy child was 2, we bought her a Little Tikes slide - the indoor/outdoor ones, very small, but what a heap of fun! I have so many pictures of her on it.

    Both girls also loved her play kitchen at that time. It was an old one, made of heavy duty cardboard, had sliding door cabinets and was filled with play kitchen items and foods. She would play on that all morning while I worked around the house making breakfast and lunch. I know they make pretty elaborate ones these days, but I think the simpler kind are still the best - sometimes too many gadgety things are just, well, too much.

    difficult child had a little scooter thing, also indoor/outdoor, made of plastic. She would scoot all over the place, it had little soft 'horn' that wasn't annoying at all.

    And they loved, absolutely LOVED play doh and finger paint sets. Especially in the warmer weather, they could sit out at their little picnic table, finger paint on everything and afterwards I could just hose everything down, including them!

    I always loved the simpler toys - I think they make the kiddos use their own imagination - rather than electronic toys or toys with too many bells and whistles, you know?

    What fun. I know I will have to restrain myself from buying out the store when I have grandkids!
  11. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    If there is no climbing toy outside at nana's, then this might be a good time for one!! In addition to toher things of course!!

    We got a water table used last year so I would have toys at the house for my niece. The 2 little girls next door are 1 and 3, they just LOVE it!! The older one keeps climbing up into it, has the biggest blast. It is a step 2, not the sand and water kind, just one open table. A friend says they have trouble keeping the water clean in the sand and water table (Oklahoma winds being what they are, LOL!).

    Target has a bunch of little mermaid stuff in the $1 area - jsut be sure it is safe. I got lip gloss, cold packs, and some other stuff for my niece's birthday. They even had Little mermaid ziploc style bags, 10 snack size and 10 sandwich size for $1.

    I know each of my kids started loving puzzles right around 2. The kind that made pictures. We got either the wooden ones (not the ones where you pick it up and it only goes back in 1 place, but the ones that make a picture of some kind) or the 24 piece cardboard ones. but her fave was one we made with a picture of the family - we used Walgreens at the time. But my kids may have been into these early, depends on what keyana is into.

    Books, books, books books books.

    Even books on CD her parents can play while she goes to sleep.

    We esp loved a 5 minute tales for bedtimes book that is again popping up on Barnes and Noble or Border's bargain book section.

    Happy birthday Keyana!