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    I went to a football game last night at my old hs. They were playing a semi state game but lost 47-13. friend's boy is on the team. His father and I went to school together and the mom and I just recently started hanging out. This boy, S, is only a sophomore but is already making a name for himself. If you have the ball, S is the LAST person you want to see charging towards you as he hits HARD. He had one hit in particular last night where you HEARD it and that other kid stayed down for a few minutes. He trotted off the field under his own power (and played again later) but he was trotting a bit crooked. S told his mom after the game that when the kid saw him, he had just enough time for his eyes to get huge before S hit. I'm still trying to find footage that includes the hit but no luck so far.

    The mom C and I have decided that S needs a nickname. Some of the other kids jokingly call him Roid Boy (as in steroids) but as that is nowhere near accurate, he needs a real one. (He really isn't on steroids...the parents are sure. The dad played football too and S is built like him. They are just big, tough corn fed farm boys who hit like tanks.)

    So where else would I go to find a wealth of creativity than here? LOL If there were two of them I would say Smash and Crash but as there is only one S, we need something singular. He's a sweet kid but on the field? Watch out. As a matter of fact, the other team's info sheet specifically had a warning....Watch out for #50. LOL Apparently the coach told his team that if S got their QB, it was ok because surely he doesn't hit THAT hard. C and I were in the parking lot after the game and she stopped 3 of the boys from the other team to ask how the kid was that S hit. In the process she asked if #50 really does hit hard and all three of them rolled their eyes, groaned and said OMG. I think none of them ever wanted to see S in a game again! LOL

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    Let me think on this. Miss KT's former (and present) boyfriends have all been named...we've had Pooky Bear, Stalker Boy, Noah Foah Ba Boah, Stinky, Mustang Boy, and currently we have Photo Boy.
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    Mustang boy??
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    He bought a new Mustang with the settlement he got after being hit by a car going 60. He was not in a car at the time.
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    How about "Tank"?
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    Five OH (Number is 50 right?)
    Big Country

    I will think on it.
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    Just Big Boy. They called husband that at his old job. When they see him, now, they still call him Big Boy. husband is a large guy...he's extremely muscular and doesn't work out. He's gotten a bit of a belly, lately, but he still has huge chest and arm muscles.
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    I like "hammer"- I also thought of "Bull".
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    I went to school with a very sweet boy like that. He had strict parents and great values, would go to a house phone to call the cops and the coach at parties with alcohol or drugs, and NO ONE bothered him.

    He had a nickname.

    Everyone used it.

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    The Hammer?
    Or Sledgehammer?
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    This kid doesnt have a last name that starts with Mc does he...or Mac?

    If so...Big

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    Nope, sorry. LOL His last name starts with a B.
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    It's been overused but I got "terminator"
  15. Fran

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  16. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Or how about Shockwave?
    Or TSunami?
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    Sitting Bull (His initials) or...slam bam, thank you man.
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    Sorry - had to.