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  1. Jena

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    so tmrw is halloween. i hope everyone has a great day. difficult child can only handle walking a block or two tmrw. we did get her a costume.

    she has no friends as you guys knowi to go with. we tried asking husband's ex witch if we could take difficult child's step sister who she loves for a few hours. yet ofcourse because she hates me she said no. thought they could play barbie's etc.

    how can i make this day memorable for her and slightly fun? i feel so bad, she's sad.

    i thought i'll buy silly string she's been asking for and maybe just spray the *** out of eachother outside on lawn after we walk the block. staying on our block away from nasty kids at school.

    any other low cost ideas?? i'm drawing a blank. maybe i'm just tired but brain isnt' clicking. shes upset about the puppy thing too.

    ok thanks guys
  2. HaoZi

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    Hit the Redbox for a movie rental. If there had been more time, maybe you could (or might still can) rig up something like those pull carts they use in Asia as taxis and you or husband could pull her around the block (a couple pieces of wood and change the wheels on a wagon to bike wheels?), bet no one in the neighborhood has a costume like that and it would certainly be memorable, could easily wear robes and pointy basket for hats, or even brown construction paper and string.

    Edit: Rickshaw (finally remembered what those things are called!)
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  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    Go with her and let her T^T anyway. I always have some solo kids come to the door. Also, sometimes they hook up with other kids while they go door to door :)
  4. Bunny

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    Do you have a wagon that you can pull her in? She might get a kick out of being pulled around and then she can trick or treat. We're taking easy child by himself. difficult child says he doesn't want to go. He wants to hand out candy to the kids who come to the door, so husband is staying home with difficult child (I don't want him answering the door on Halloween if he's home alone) and I will take easy child trick or treating.

  5. Josie

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    My 12 year old is also unable to trick or treat. She is going to dress up but stay home and pass out the candy. She is looking forward to seeing the cute little kids dressed up.

    We might also rent some Halloween movies.
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    My 10.5 yr old difficult child says he is too old to trick or treat and does not want to go. ( i think this is driven by the fact he has a nut allergy and can't eat most of the candy anyway) So i bought him a whole bunch of candy and things he can eat and enjoys and he is staying home with husband giving out the candy! I will be taking 4 yr old easy child out and about.
    Maybe you can do something similar if she is not up to going door to some treats for her and then have her sit outside in costume greeting the other kids handing out your candy. That is always fun for conversation with other kids and parents as they come up to your door.
  7. DaisyFace

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    Hi Jena--

    My 11 year old is not trick or treating either. He just reached a point where he felt silly being dressed up next to all the little, little kids...

    So we will watch scary movies at home and hand out candy. Whatever we don't give away, we get to eat! Yum!

    Why night make it a simple, non-stress kind of event? Hit a couple of houses if you want, but keep it small...
  8. Jena

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    my cute step daughter told ex witch she wanted to see difficult child bad. so she had to cave. going to get her and park my truck on block we go on incase she goes down. i'll just walk right behiind her the entire way. she's nervous she'll faint again. when it happens it's with-o warning. so keeping fingers crossed for a non drama day. she has hospital early tmrw so we'll just return home watch tv and sleep for her
  9. HaoZi

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    Let us know how it goes Jena, hoping the best evening for her!
  10. svengandhi

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    Glad it worked out. My 11 year old son only wants to give out candy so I'm off duty today as he's they youngest.
  11. susiestar

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    I am so glad it worked out. It is great that her step sister wants to spend this holiday with her. thank you has asked to take a bag around for Jessie because there is NO way she can go. It was HIS idea, and he is the kind of kid who will NOT do this if she isn't sick and will give her whatever is put into the bag for her. He doesn't even go through to pick out the ones he really likes before he gives it to her. He can't wait to go out in his lab coat costume.

    Anyway, I put a thread on watercooler about a show that gave me some ideas. I think the show is one that your daughter would LOVE, and it would show her dogs who are dealing with all kinds of anxiety and other problems at a no-kill sanctuary. You may already be aware of it. The show is Dogtown and is about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It is on tv on the National Geographic channel, but it is also available online at either the Nat. Geo Channel online or at I know that difficult child got a lot of inspiration from the horse movies (does she like Casey's Shadow? I love the birth of the horse, it just seems so wonderful.) and thought this might also help. It is not a really fast paced show, so it could help keep her calm when she is having problems.

    You are doing a great job. I know you feel totally overwhelmed and mind-boggled, but you really ARE doing an awesome job with her.
  12. HaoZi

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    Speaking of horses, this one might be hard to find but a horse book I loved at her age was called "The Horse of Hurricane Hill" by C. W. Anderson, and it has beautiful illustrations.
  13. susiestar

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    On another day would she like to decorate cupcakes or make a candy treat? LOTS of magazines and websites have great ways to decorate cupcakes and cakes. Family Fun's website is awesome. I know she isn't likely to EAT the items, but she might lick fingers or let some icing melt in her mouth. Empty calories, but calories all the same.

    We have often done a little candy turkey for Thanksgiving/Harvest events. It is easy and NO cooking. It just uses half a graham cracker, a fudge stripe cooky, a fun size snickers or milky way candy, chocolate icing and some sprinkles or mini m&m's for eyes. I can find directions online if it is something she would enjoy making. Even if she just makes them for the employees at husband's restaurant. I just thought a FUN food project, made with no pressure to eat the food, might be interesting to try. A way to maybe start to help her see food as fun instead of such a huge problem.

    I know this may not be doable now, or at this point, but maybe at some point as she gets better. If not for fall, I can find projects like this for every holiday/event. If she wants to make the icing, or doesn't like something about store bought icing, I can give you EASY recipes for that.
  14. Jena

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    thanks guys. truly i mean it. i know i've been short lately yet you guys are always there in side my computer lol.

    we did a few blocks today, brought truck with-me so she didnt' have to walk alot. she cant' really eat the stuff. she did eat part of reeses peanut butter cups so she swapped out with-her s sis for other candies to get more of those. the girls came back after only a little while sang on the sing stand than she got picked up. difficult child and i just watched a halloween movie and i put her to bed. she cant' sleep though so she's beenin there now for a while. overall not a bad day for her. easy child did her make up too.

    hope all of you and difficult child's had a great day
  15. Marguerite

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    I'm glad it worked out, Jena. As much normality as possible under the circumstances, has got to be good for her.

  16. hearts and roses

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    Awesome! Glad it all worked out well~