Need IEP for pregnant teen due 12-8

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by ALogan3, Aug 9, 2012.

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    I am obtaining Guardianship for a 17 year old girl due Dec 8. The *^@* school is enrolling her tomorrow, 2 business days before school starts. I need to set this child up for success not failure. She needs 13 credits to graduate. She is a senior. If she passes all her classes she will get 12 credits this year. They will allow her to make up a PE credit at the YMCA for the last credit. This year the school has given every child an online laptop, so that helps! This school goes in trimesters. So I am assuming all required to graduate should ( She needs English 10,11,12 ~really?:/ , PE-3 credits, Am. Government) be completed in the first trimester. Easy electives in the middle (during birth) and harder electives at the end. I am just not sure how to help her the best I can. She wants and needs to breastfeed so how is that done during school. Pumping at school would be a joke. She is SpEd.
    Any input is greatly appreciated!!
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    Here, they have high schools specifically for teen moms. On-site child-care, staffed by a combo of trained daycare providers and the moms on a rotating basis so the rest can take classes. All the teachers support breast feeding etc.

    I can't imaging trying to do this in a regular high school.
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    The first thing that popped into my head is checking into online high school. My kids do that and the graduation requirements are less and when you do lessons every day is up to you. They assign work for every day and as long as it gets done, there is no "schedule". It might be something to look into.

    Other than that, I don't know that she can get an IEP. Pregnancy is not one of the categories and the assessment period would take pretty much until she delivers. Sorry I don't have any suggestions. Maybe someone else here does. Glad she has someone like you to help her out.
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    She already HAS an IEP, she has been SpEd forever, now I need to make it accommodate the pregnancy as well. This is a small town and they have no special schools. :( Yeah this is a very daunting task. I cannot find any resource pages for this anywhere. I did look at online high schools but what I have found are quite expensive and taking on another child, let alone a pregnant one is financially taxing to say the least. She came to me with no clothes or belongings. Her previous guardian wanted the baby, Nicole said no so she threw her out with nothing.
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    There are online public schools. They are free. Check into it.
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    New ILO Enrollment Policy
    In an effort to provide equity of access to the limited number of seats in ILO courses where enrollment fees are waived, each school district will be limited to enrolling 12 students per course, per semester.
    I will definitely inquire about this. Thank you!
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    Why is she Special Education? Learning disabled? low IQ? emotional issues?

    There isn't a need to shove her through in a year. In our district, it would not be possible to take 3 years of English in one year since each is a pre-req for the other. As a student with an IEP, she is entitled to additional years to complete high school. Perhaps she can spread it out over two years.