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    I am very curious about borderline personality disorder. Can anyone point me to a link that has an easy to understand explanation and list of symptoms? It is often mentioned and I don't think I have a solid grasp of what it really is.

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    Susie- I thought there was a place on the home page of this forum and that some good, understandable but brief explanations of some diagnosis's. Have you tried looking there to see if those are still available since this site changed?
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    :redface: I totally forgot about that! I am having a very foggy day. Off to search for that. Thanks!
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    I believe that my sister has borderline, which is a huge part of why I haven't spoken with her but on one occasion in over 12 years. That one occasion was after our father died last year - she called to tell me (and I quote) "I have Mommy and her social security payments and you will never see her again." I said "Have a nice life" and hung up.

    Do some research into Dialectic Behavior Therapy, which is about the only thing that can work with borderline.