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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by defiantchild, Dec 22, 2015.

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    Someone from this wonderful community suggested job corps for my son. Does anyone out there have personal experience with the program? My son wants to be a chef, but keeps getting himself in trouble...he needs to get his GED so he can go to culinary school...he's in trouble with the law, he's doing drugs on and off...we are not sure in which direction to go. He's 17 years old, will be 18th in May...we don't have too much more time to figure out what's best for him.
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    My oldest son went to Job Corp and had a great experience. If he has outstanding legal issues, they won't take him. The courts will sometimes offer placement at Job Corps. it depends on how severe and how often they have been in trouble. Sex offenders and violent crimes need not apply. There is a very comprehensive application process and background check including juvenile records.
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    I'm glad to hear that sex offenders and violent criminals are not accepted. My son got in trouble with- the law with marijuana....he was selling.....he is getting a 'conditional discharge' on january 4th, assuming he doesn't do anything stupid between now and then. He's been going for months to drug counseling and getting weekly drug tests. I pray every day...
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    can you tell me a little more about your son's experience with- job corps? do kids who've been in trouble go there, too? kids like my son?
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    There are all kinds of kids that go there. If your child gravitates to trouble makers, he will find them no matter where he is. My oldest child was basically a decent kid and went because he was ready to get his life on track. He was 18. They have to be willing to go or they won't last very long.
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    Defiant, my son went when he was 18. He hated it, but I thought it was a wonderful opportunity.

    My son was at the Treasure Island center, which is an island next to the SF Bay Bridge. It used to be a navy installation and now houses non-profits. One cannot imagine a more beautiful location. Other Job Corps sites are located throughout the country.

    Many of the participants come from impoverished situations, but not all. Others were in the "system," foster kids. Other kids are like our own. Needing structure and a chance, because they have fallen between the cracks, for one reason or another.

    Some of the trainings are fantastic. Very high earning trades. I think college is possible too. The staff are very, very vigilant, and forgiving. My son was taken for a 5150 evaluation, while he was there. Maybe twice. I am not sure if it was to rule out danger to self or others. They took it in stride. Once he was cleared, he went back. They work with the kid where he is.

    I insisted my son complete a training before he could come home, and he did. The trainings are self-paced.

    I wanted my son to return but he would not. Even now he prefers being homeless and aimless, rather than return there.

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    HI Copa,

    Thank you for the info. My heart is breaking for you. I didn't realize your son is homeless...and doesn't have any direction at this time...and here you are giving encouragement and support to're a beautiful person. I wonder if he might have an opportunity to meet the minister I was telling you about before - my friend's son - who is an amazing human being. I have to find out where this minister is located exactly in California. It would make me feel so good to offer something to you that might help your son to find what he truly wants in life.
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    Thank you, Defiant.

    One of my aches and pains for my child is that he mocks faith. I believe at heart he is somebody who yearns to believe but very ugly things have happened to him in his life. He is angry at G-d.

    My son was the type of child who some people felt was as if a "little buddha" with the greatest sensitivity, a great sweetness. He has turned hard. And bitter. At least outwardly.

    I try to stay open to the idea that he may still be kind and gentle as he was before. Somewhere inside.

    I raised him alone. We were very, very close. Exceptionally so. I understand that he may have to go overboard trying on all kinds of versions of manhood that he may one day discard.

    When he was 21 I became involved with M who I have lived with for 6 years. That made it all the harder for my son. In ways I may not understand.

    It is I who would be interested in speaking with this man, your friend. Coincidentally, much of my work life was in California prisons. I work in a helping profession, the medical field. My stance has been like his. With the same result.

    People respond to love. Duh.

    Thank you.

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    Copa, I am going to reach out to my friend asap and find out where here son is. What a coincidence that you both work with prisoners.
    So heartbreaking that what brings you happiness can be the very thing which causes pain for your son.
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    Copa -

    I spoke with my friend this morning and was devastated to hear that her son who was battling cancer, but was in remission, is very ill again and this time it's so bad that he is in hospice. Life is so unfair.
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    I am so sorry to read of this, prayers going up to you, your friend and son.
  12. Copabanana

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    I am so sorry.

    Defiant, it was a wonderfully kind impulse on your part to reach our to your friend. Please understand. When we post, each of us, to others, we grow and change, 10 times more, ourselves. There is nothing needed, in return.

    I hope you stay on the board, and keep posting, too.

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    New here. I have known a young man who has completed their program, and completely turned his life around. He had some trouble with the rules in the beginning, but he found a lot of support there and got a lot out of it. But, of course, there's a catch... your son needs to "buy into" the program and be willing to cooperate and listen to what he's told to get something out of it.
    There's nothing we can do. They need to be willing to be helped.
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  14. Ironbutterfly

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    If you son isn't eligible for Job Corps due to his criminal record or if he decides not to go that route, look into Teen Challenge programs and Salvation Army Rehab Programs. That are faith based programs that help troubled teens and Adults.